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10% off

Alkalising colonic irrigation with sodium bicarbonate

Safe and effective colon hydrotherapy including initial consultation. Consequently, sodium bicarbonate delivered to the colon through hydrotherapy can kill off candida.

Holborn, London

£85.00 or £76.50 if booked on-line

10% off

Colonic irrigation with a liver and gall bladder stimulating herbal implant

Colon hydrotherapy with a gas removing, stimulating the liver and gall bladder, soothing and relaxing herbal implant. Comprehensive consultation is included.

Holborn, London

£89.00 or £80.10 if booked on-line

10% off

Colonic irrigation with an anti-parasite implant

Colon hydrotherapy with an anti-parasite implant and comprehensive consultation at the Parkland Clinic in London

Holborn, London

£89.00 or £80.10 if booked on-line

10% off

Colonic Irrigation for spasmodic and irritated colon

Colon cleanse with ENEMA HERBS - Highly anti-spasmodic and helping to void gas during colon hydrotherapy, especially in the presence of IBS and spasm. Includes initial consultation.

Holborn, London

£89.00 or £80.10 if booked on-line

10% off

Probiotic Implant and colonic irrigation

Colon hydrotherapy with High Strength Probiotic Implants and comprehensive consultation at the Parkland Natural Health Clinic

Holborn, London

£119.00 or £107.10 if booked on-line

21% off

The Ultimate Slimming Solution - Sequence of sixteen colonic irrigations

An intensive sequence of sixteen colon hydrotherapy sessions taken over five weeks prepares the body to lose toxic fluid fat. Includes consultation and nutrition advice.

Holborn, London

£1 264.00 or £1 044.00 if booked on-line

19% off

The Four Seasons - Package of ten colonic irrigations

Ten colonic hydrotherapy sessions to fully cleanse your colon and maintain your health throughout the year. Includes initial consultation with a certified specialist.

Holborn, London

£790.00 or £639.00 if booked on-line

18% off

The Spring Cleanse - a series of Six colonic irrigations

series of Six colonic sessions to fully cleanse your colon. Only disposable accessories and Closed colon hydrotherapy system. Includes initial consultation.

Holborn, London

£474.00 or £389.00 if booked on-line

16% off

Mini Detox - Course of three Colonic Irrigations in London

An intensive course of three colon cleanses taken over one week to kick start a detox cleansing regime. Includes initial consultation. Best offer of closed system colonic hydrotherapy in London.

Holborn, London

£237.00 or £199.00 if booked on-line


Brazilian Bikini or Hollywood waxing in central London

A Hollywood removes all of your hair. The perfect choice if you don’t want to have any genital hair left. Everything Off!!!
30 minutes 
Holborn, London


More info

Bikini Line waxing

This style allows you to delineate the pubic hair in two geometric shapes: triangle and square which is suitable for you to wear either with a swimming costumes or underwear. Hair is not removed from the bottom. 20 minutes
Holborn, London


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botoxSee all

Wrinkle Relaxing Injections for Face and Neck - one area

Treatment with Botulinum Toxin Type A injections to relax facial wrinkles blocks muscular nerve signals, which then weakens the muscle so it can’t contract resulting in diminished unwanted facial wrinkles.
30 minutes
Chiswick, London


More info

16% off

Nefertiti Face Lift - Wrinkle Relaxing Injections

Treatment with Botulinum Toxin Type A injections to relax facial wrinkles blocks muscular nerve signals, which then weakens the muscle so it can’t contract resulting in diminished unwanted facial wrinkles.
30 minutes
Chiswick, London

£180.00 or £150.00 if booked on-line

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Colonic Irrigation

Colon hydrotherapy: What You Need to Know.

 A colonic irrigation is a powerful clinical tool, designed to clean the colon and restore the body to optimal health. Although it is increasingly popular, especially in modern cities like London, the treatment itself is not new: it is a safe and effective practise that has been used for many years. As a treatment, it's designed to remove bacteriological build-up in the colon in order to prevent disease and improve overall health. Many people who choose colonic irrigation in London do so because they want to detox the body and restore their health.

What is colonic hydrotherapy?

Colon cleanse is simply a way to clean out the colon. The colon is part of the human gastrointestinal (GI) tract. It's a muscular tube, usually 5 to 5 /2 feet in length and is very important for good health. The colon is responsible for absorbing water and minerals, which will be used by the body for nutrition and energy. In addition, the colon helps form excess material into waste products, that are eliminated from the body from the bowls. A healthy colon has nearly 60 different kinds of micro-flora which will help the process of digestion. It is important that the colon is healthy and that it contains a carefully balanced pH (acid-base) in order to prevent the growth of harmful bacteria.  Unfortunately, there is little doubt that the modern London diet has wreaked havoc on most colons. Over time, the colons ecosystem becomes bloated, impacted and full of bacteria. The healthy micro-flora cannot work properly and the body becomes out of balance and inefficient. If you canvass most ordinary London residents, you'll find that that they experience a variety of symptoms that can be related to an unhealthy colon. These include constipation, irritation, headaches, back pain, inattention, poor concentration and a host of other symptoms. A colonic irrigation releases all of the toxins and allows the body to process nutrients more efficiently which eliminates the symptoms and brings the bodies natural processes back into action.

How does the process work?

The most important thing to know is that the procedure is that it is safe and effective. You will work with an experienced Colonic Irrigation London practitioner who will complete the entire process in just about 45 minutes. During that time, they will gently flush your system with filtered water. The specialist will use massage at specific pressure points. This helps ensure that when you leave, the toxic waste is eliminated efficiently and effectively.

Why have a colonic cleanse?

The following are some important reasons that someone would choose the treatment: Improves the digestive system process When the colon is clean, it is more capable of good nutritional absorption. Bacteria is removed and the clean colon is able to pass waste easily and effectively through your system. Maintains your systems regularity Following a colonic irrigation in London, any constipation that you might have had is removed. If your bowls are not regular, the waste stays in your system longer. This means that toxins are more likely to be released into your bloodstream, potentially causing illness. Not only does a colonic lavage remove any constipation, it makes you less likely to experience constipation since your system is both more functional and more responsive. Improved Energy Most people report that, following a colonic irrigation, they feel refreshed, stronger and more alive. One reason for this energy burst appears to be improved blood circulation, which will cause you to have better and more restful sleep.
Improved Vitamin Absorption Once the colon is cleaned and toxins are removed, your body won't struggle to manage both toxins and vitamins. The build up of old toxins is gone, so your body has a more direct route to process water, minerals and vitamins.
Following a colonic irrigation, your body is more able to absorb these essential nutrients unobstructed. Improves concentration When your body is unable to effectively absorb vitamins, you can become inattentive, easily distracted and experience poor concentration.
When the build-up of toxins is removed, you are likely to experience improvements in all of these areas. When the colon is cleansed, you will simply feel better.
That's why so many patients return to the London clinic, to repeat the procedure. Weight loss colonic therapy is often recommended to people who want to lose weight. This is because many people have experienced problems in their colon due to a low fibre diet. Because of this, their colon has become full of 'slow moving' materials that literally stick to the colon walls. When this is cleansed, a great deal of bacteria is removed. Few people realise this, but the colon can actually store up to eight meals' worth of food. Thus a cleanse removes a significant amount of build-up. Additionally, many London patients say that following the cleanse, their metabolism shifts and becomes quicker, more productive. Post-colonic treatment, they find they it is easier to maintain a healthy weight.
Colon cancer Of of the most beneficial aspects of treatment, is the fact that it may prevent colon cancer. When you think about it, all of the toxins that are taken into the body can cause significant damage to your system. It's important that they be removed. Waste products that sit, stagnant in the body are likely to increase your risk for polyps and cysts that can eventually become cancerous. This is why many 
colon hydrotherapists in London think it will reduce your overall risk for cancer.

What conditions can be treated?

Many conditions benefit from colonic irrigation, including:
Allergies, Arthritis, Asthma, Atonic(sluggish) colon, Bloating, Candida, Colitis in remission, Constipation, Diarrhoea, Diverticulosis(i.e Diverticulitis in remission), Flatulence, Leaky g
ut, Haemorrhoids, Headache, toxic Halitosis, IBS, Indigestion, Lethargy, Mucous, colitis, Multiple sclerosis, ME, Parasitic infections, Skin problems: eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, acne, etc.
Urinary urgency in females Advice for the colonic patient.
Before the procedure, you should check with your practitioner. Typically, you will be advised to make several dietary adjustments. Beginning about three days before your scheduled session, you will want to refrain from dairy products, alcohol, soda and fried food. You will also want to avoid beans and legumes (soy products, tofu, peanuts and beans).
On the day of your session, your London practitioner might also advise you to avoid solid foods for about 3.5 hours beforehand. This is simply to make the session more effective and comfortable for you.
Following your colon cleanse In the 48 hours following treatment, you might be advised to stick to a mainly vegetarian diet. Avoid red meats (beef, lamb and pork). If you wish, include white meats and/or fish and add foods that improve the overall fibre content in your diet, such as whole grains like brown rice and pasta. You should avoid alcohol as well as dairy products and eggs.

Make sure you call your London clinic for advise

Some patients do report an increased need to urinate following treatment. Be assured that this is normal: you will experience this for a few hours and it will quickly subside. You will want to drink plenty of fluids following treatment. But listen to the needs of your body. If your digestion appears weak, avoid fluids with your meal, choosing to drink either 30 minutes before you eat or 1 hour following your meal.
Your practitioner will probably recommend that you take a 
probiotic supplement. This can be found in some yogurts. You should not expect to have a 'normal' bowl movement for several days following treatment. During that time, you want to slowly resume more rigorous activities. For instance, in the 24 hours following treatment, avoid lifting weights or a vigorous work out. After that, though, you should feel invigorated and will probably want to schedule your daily activities normally.

How can I tell if I have toxic material in my colon?

If you live in the UK, chances are you have a significant build-up toxic materials. This is part of the modern diet. In fact, if you survey most people in London, you'll find that they regularly experience headaches, backaches, constipation and fatigue. Other symptoms include: skin problems, attentional problems, poor concentration, bloating diarrhoea and irritability. These are all signs of toxic build-up.

Is colon hydrotherapy painful?

This is one of the questions most potential patients have and one of the easiest to answer. No, it rarely involves pain. It is important to find a professional colon hydrotherapist in London because they can lead you safely through the process.
Colon irrigation is increasingly common, especially in cities like London. In fact, most London customers repeat the procedure because it is comfortable and and they experience immediate benefits. Your treatment doesn't just cleanse the colon, it will exercise and reshape the colon. After treatment you will feel like a weight has been lifted and you will have more energy and vitality.

Is Colonic Irrigation embarrassing?

This is another question many patients have. You can rest assured that with a professional colonic therapist, you will be treated with dignity and respect. The treatment occurs in a private and comfortable room. The colonic irrigation therapist has done this many times and knows how to put you at ease. They will simply and painlessly insert a small tube into the rectum. That small tube will carry the water in and the waste out. It's that simple. You can speak with a professional London treatment practitioner before you schedule your appointment, if you have any questions.

Is there anything I need to do to get ready for a Colonic irrigation?

Since your abdomen will be massaged it is a good idea to eat or drink lightly in the 2 hours immediately preceding a colonic irrigation. Also helpful, but not essential, emptying the rectum with a bowel movement just prior to the colonic saves time and permits more to be accomplished. Again, check with your professional.

And what can I expect afterwards?

Most patients report that they feel more energetic following the treatment. Once the waste is removed, they feel lighter, cleaner and more alive. Some patients do report some slight discomforts immediately following treatment. But these are usually fleeting and you should expect to follow your normal daily routines when you leave the appointment. Some people do report feeling light headed or chiled, but these also subside quickly, usually just a few minutes following treatment.

Are there any dangerous side effects?

A colonic irrigation is considered a very safe and natural process. There should be no side effects following treatment. All of the equipment is safe and sterilised. Many thousands of London residents have safely tried a colonic and not only recommend it, but return themselves for additional treatments. Most patients do not experience any problems with their bowls or bowl movements following treatment. In fact, there will probably be a slight delay in bowel habits. Following treatment, the colon is strengthening and healing. A few patients do report some diarrhoea, but this is probably due to some remaining water in the bowl area. If it appears more than slight, speak with your practitioner and they will be able to advise you.

Does a colonic irrigation cure constipation?

There are many ways to treat constipation: a colonic is one of the most immediate and effective. It will not only remove all of the constipated waste, it will help strengthen the colon and make constipation less likely in the future.

Do Colonics wash out good flora?

A colonic is able to release the bad toxins, which makes the intestine more balanced. This increases your 'good' flora and makes the entire colon ecosystem more able to manage nutrients and waste. There is no risk that you will lose the beneficial flora; rather, you will create a better climate for it to grow.

What Kind of water is used in a colonic?

In our clinic, we use only highly filtered water. The water is prepared for use by passing it through a special filtration devise and it is heated so that it is gentle and the client is comfortable. Special attention is paid to each part of the process. No potentially harmful chemicals or any inorganic substances are ever used.

Is one treatment enough?

The experience of most patients is that one colonic is not enough. This is partly because the benefits are so profound, they simply want to come back. Colonics have become popular in part because of 'word of mouth.' Especially in places like London, where so many residents are interested in natural healing methods. Most colon hydrotherapists will tell you that over time, a typical London diet has caused so much damage to a healthy colon that it's best to schedule more than one treatment. Again, speak to your London practitioner and you will be able to work on a treatment plan together.

Are there any contraindications to colonic treatment?



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