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Candidiasis of the esophagus: causes and consequences

Candidiasis of the esophagus: causes and consequencesIn gastroenterology, there are a number of diseases that are difficult to diagnose due to their nature. One example is oesophagal candidiasis, a familiar "thrush" that has changed the habitual localization. The presence of this infection indicates that there are other dangerous diseases present that have affected the immune system, so it is extremely important to find the disease in time and get rid of it. The candida fungus is considered to be opportunistic, i.e. a healthy person with the good immune system is not affected by the infection until the conditions are just right for it to cause candidiasis.

Colonic irrigation prevents candidiasis of the intestine

44f961a61c97a0b36c8288db6e4bcdb3.jpgCandidiasis of the colon is an infectious lesion in the digestive tract, caused by the fungi content in the victim's own body (Candida spp.) and their weak immune system. Forms of intestinal candidiasis vary depending on the dilution of the stool, increase in flatulence, an intensity of vague abdominal pain, ulcerative colitis and fungal sepsis. A diagnosis is made on the basis of the results after an endoscopic examination, histological and culture analysis of your biopsy specimens and faeces. The treatment includes three main procedures: the appointment of antimycotics, normalization of intestinal microflora and the correction of the patient's immune system status. Colonic irrigation also plays an important role.

Colonoscopy; a method for diagnosis and treatment of intestinal health problems

4b429f274090661b4d8b02eaa2e02213.jpgDuring medical examinations, almost a third of all patients are diagnosed with abnormalities in the digestive system. If the patient complains about pain in the abdomen & anorectal area, persistent constipation, bleeding from the rectum, unusual weight loss, adverse blood counts (decreased haemoglobin, high ESR), then an experienced coloproctologist will prescribe a colonoscopy procedure. Colonoscopy is a modern instrumental research method used to diagnose pathological conditions of the colon and rectum. This procedure is carried out using a colonoscopy through which doctors can visually assess the condition of the large intestine.

Colonic Hydrotherapy in London: the benefits of the procedure

Bolezni-kishechnika-nelzya-zapuskat.jpgColonic Hydrotherapy is a modern method of cleansing the intestines. In modern urban environments, people are exposed to many unfavourable factors (e.g. bad ecology, stress, unhealthy lifestyle, fast food craze, hypodynamia) that directly affect the condition of peoples internal organs, especially the intestines.

Detoxification and cleansing of the intestine

Detoxification and cleansing of the intestineThere is an old saying that "death begins in the colon." It's too simple to say, but it contains a certain amount of truth. In fact, the path to health begins with cleansing, regardless of whether it is a disease or a disorder. Detoxification and cleansing of the intestines are necessary for almost everyone.
Unfortunately, most people reduce their understanding of bowel cleansing to its faecal contents. And although the cleansing programs to remove the old faeces from the colon, limiting the discussion of cleansing by this aspect means missing out on the big picture.

Herbs used for cleansing the intestines

Herbs used for cleansing the intestinesIt's no secret that our food is far from ideal - even if you buy only natural products in the store and prepare the food yourself, you still consume a bunch of chemicals, nitrates and pesticides, as well as antibiotics and other preservatives that are contained inside our vegetables, fruits, meat, fish and other products. Herbs for bowel cleansing are actively used in medicine for many decades.
 Our health depends on the quality of the coordinated work of all organs and systems.

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