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Colonic irrigation prevents candidiasis of the intestine

Posted on 30 May 2018

44f961a61c97a0b36c8288db6e4bcdb3.jpgCandidiasis of the colon is an infectious lesion in the digestive tract, caused by the fungi content in the victim's own body (Candida spp.) and their weak immune system. Forms of intestinal candidiasis vary depending on the dilution of the stool, increase in flatulence, an intensity of vague abdominal pain, ulcerative colitis and fungal sepsis. A diagnosis is made on the basis of the results after an endoscopic examination, histological and culture analysis of your biopsy specimens and faeces. The treatment includes three main procedures: the appointment of antimycotics, normalization of intestinal microflora and the correction of the patient's immune system status. Colonic irrigation also plays an important role.

Colonoscopy; a method for diagnosis and treatment of intestinal health problems

Posted on 29 May 2018

4b429f274090661b4d8b02eaa2e02213.jpgDuring medical examinations, almost a third of all patients are diagnosed with abnormalities in the digestive system. If the patient complains about pain in the abdomen & anorectal area, persistent constipation, bleeding from the rectum, unusual weight loss, adverse blood counts (decreased haemoglobin, high ESR), then an experienced coloproctologist will prescribe a colonoscopy procedure. Colonoscopy is a modern instrumental research method used to diagnose pathological conditions of the colon and rectum. This procedure is carried out using a colonoscopy through which doctors can visually assess the condition of the large intestine.

Colonic Hydrotherapy in London: the benefits of the procedure

Posted on 28 May 2018

Bolezni-kishechnika-nelzya-zapuskat.jpgColonic Hydrotherapy is a modern method of cleansing the intestines. In modern urban environments, people are exposed to many unfavourable factors (e.g. bad ecology, stress, unhealthy lifestyle, fast food craze, hypodynamia) that directly affect the condition of peoples internal organs, especially the intestines.

Detoxification and cleansing of the intestine

Posted on 27 May 2018

Detoxification and cleansing of the intestineThere is an old saying that "death begins in the colon." It's too simple to say, but it contains a certain amount of truth. In fact, the path to health begins with cleansing, regardless of whether it is a disease or a disorder. Detoxification and cleansing of the intestines are necessary for almost everyone.
Unfortunately, most people reduce their understanding of bowel cleansing to its faecal contents. And although the cleansing programs to remove the old faeces from the colon, limiting the discussion of cleansing by this aspect means missing out on the big picture.

Herbs used for cleansing the intestines

Posted on 26 May 2018

Herbs used for cleansing the intestinesIt's no secret that our food is far from ideal - even if you buy only natural products in the store and prepare the food yourself, you still consume a bunch of chemicals, nitrates and pesticides, as well as antibiotics and other preservatives that are contained inside our vegetables, fruits, meat, fish and other products. Herbs for bowel cleansing are actively used in medicine for many decades.
 Our health depends on the quality of the coordinated work of all organs and systems.

Colon Hydrotherapy with herbs and other components

Posted on 25 May 2018

regohodvnsdgns555.jpgPreviously, the procedure of inserting an enema to rinse the colon was popular, however, it was not pleasant and ineffective. Modern approaches to the problem and are simpler, yet many times more effective and comfortable.
Famous clinics offer the most common type of cleansing procedures called colon hydrotherapy. Colonic irrigation, with herbs and other beneficial solutions included, will help completely restore the function of the digestive tract. The procedure is better known as a method for the complete purification of the intestines and the whole body, thereby fully improving the patients health.

Colonic Hydrotherapy: cost and quality

Posted on 24 May 2018

kak-ochistit-kishechnik-v-domashnih-uslovijah-bystro-jeffektivno.jpgThe intestine is the organ in our body that accumulates the most amount of waste over time, so it has to be cleaned from time to time to keep it functional. If you have a healthy lifestyle, then it is recommended to cleanse the colon at least once a year, though if your diet is rich in fibre and poor in hydrogenated fats and semi-finished products, then it is very likely you do not have intestinal intoxication at all. If you experience unpleasant things (constipation, allergies, skin diseases) too often, then it is very likely that you are heavily intoxicated. Colon hydrotherapy will help completely restore the intestine and purify the whole body.

Professional colonic irrigation

Posted on 23 May 2018

is_151216_colitisi_small_intestines_800x600.jpg Colonic irrigation is one of the most effective treatments against many diseases and a way to restore your natural health. According to scientific research, a significant part of all pathologies is caused by the violation of the function of the digestive system. When the colon is particularly affected, it leads to changes in the metabolic processes of the body, causes diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, circulatory system and forms various allergic reactions.


Posted on 22 May 2018

Gastroenteritis.jpgGastroenteritis is a very common inflammatory disease of the stomach and intestines. Vomiting, diarrhoea, colic, weakness, and sometimes the temperature is his basic and familiar to many symptoms.
The causative agents of infectious and parasitic diseases are allocated to the external environment together with faeces, often in huge quantities. That is why before the epidemic of intestinal infections (cholera, diphtheria, typhoid) spread so quickly and took a huge number of lives. They enter the human body with contaminated food and water.

The price of colonic irrigation

Posted on 21 May 2018

240_F_84872238_QofPiuxrXocv0xSflDAznOp5NAOKhawx.jpgColon hydrotherapy is offered as a course since the length of the large intestine of an adult human is approximately 0.9 meters. In this regard, to completely cleanse the intestine, it is necessary to do 3-6 procedures Colonic Hydrotherapy. The first procedure only clears the lower section of the large intestine, and active cleansing of the upper part, near the small intestines, occurs after the third. Once the upper section starts being cleared, bile ducts are activated and restore the working capacity of the whole intestine and body. The price of the treatment is almost affordable for everyone.


Posted on 20 May 2018

Woman-suffering-from-bowel-problems.jpgColitis is an inflammatory disease of the mucous membrane of the large intestine.
Acute colitis occurs quickly and is especially painful, chronic - long and sluggish. Acute inflammation of the colon often occurs simultaneously with the inflammation of the small intestine (enterocolitis) and stomach (gastritis).
Colitis can take many forms: ulcerative (ulcers are formed on the walls of the intestine), infectious (caused by pathogenic microorganisms), ischemic (poor blood supply in the intestine), medicinal, etc.

Useful intestinal microflora

wellness-studio.co.uk 19 May 2018
The intestine is the organ, of the digestive system, where nutrients, from the food you eat, are absorbed into the blood. The whole organ includes both the small and large intestine. The small intestine digests the food, while the large intestine absorbs water from the undigested remnants, thereby forming a stool. The human gut contains a vast variety of different bacteria. Most of the microflora is beneficial or even vital for the health of the intestine, as they compose the majority of the b



Posted on 18 May 2018

zapor-i-meteorizm.jpgA large proportion of people, living an unhealthy lifestyle, have experienced uncomfortable swelling sensations in the stomach, accompanied by belching, heartburn, and mild colic.
This phenomenon is known as meteorism, which is usually indicated by excessive flatulence. The accumulation of gas in the gastrointestinal tract happens due to impaired excretion caused by digestive disorders (like dysbiosis).
Even though this condition further complicates our lives, numerous patients are embarrassed to report it to their medical physicians.

Detoxification of the intestine

Posted on 17 May 2018

detoxikacia.jpgThe intestine is a vital organ in the body, as it holds approximately 80% of all of the elements and microorganisms that are part of the body's immune system. These bacteria contribute to your metabolism and protection against toxins. Scientists indicate digestive disorders by inspecting the condition of the skin, liver and many other organs.
The large intestine is an essential ecosystem for multiple species of intestinal bacteria that form almost 1.5kg of the mass of the organ collectively. These microorganisms can all be either extremely advantageous, neutral or potentially pathogenic (and threatening if not careful).

Inflammation of the intestine

wellness-studio.co.uk 16 May 2018
Constant abdominal cramps, diarrhoea, and constipation are illnesses that are very common and familiar to almost everyone. Those who experience these symptoms do not always find it necessary to go to the doctor, as most assume that they are caused by simple and easily curable digestive disorders. However, there is a high chance that these symptoms directly indicate intestinal inflammation, which is caused by a combination of pathologies that usually develop within the organ. Various types of inf


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