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Five tips to lose weight smartly

Posted on 30 Jun 2018

a803512b-9890-46bf-bdd5-23a99df2760a.jpgBased on recent research, we have chosen a scientists' advice on how to lose weight without harming your health.
First advice. The ideal breakfast is from 7.30 to 8.30 am, experts from the American University of Loyola have proved. At this time, there is the most powerful release of cortisone - our hormone activity. Food, eaten within an hour after awakening, increases the speed of metabolic processes to 20% throughout the day. Ideally, breakfast should consist of protein foods (lean boiled meat) and slow(complex) carbohydrates (porridge, grains, seeds, wholemeal bread). Smartly losing weight method means keeping the body healthy and maintaining the ideal body shape, not just a rapid weight loss.

Do not lose weight on Keto diet

Posted on 29 Jun 2018

shutterstock_95278852_efired.jpgKetogenic (KETO) diet is well known as a low-carbohydrate diet, during which the body uses ketones as fuel. The liver produces ketones from fat. Often this diet is called ketone, low-carbohydrate, and so on.
An excellent replacement for KETO diet will be a healthy lifestyle. Do not lose weight on KETO diet, cleanse the body with colonic irrigation, adhere to proper nutrition and exercise.
When you eat something high in carbohydrates, your body produces glucose and insulin.


Posted on 28 Jun 2018

endermolift.jpgThe amount of hyaluronic acid in the tissue is one of the most critical indicators determining the biological age of the skin. Decreased production of hyaluronic acid leads to a loss of tissue volume and its dehydration.
Based on the research results of Professor Umber, the LPG Systems Research Center has developed a new aesthetic technology that triggers the synthesis of the primary matrix elements responsible for the beauty and youth of the skin:
hyaluronic acid - to make up for volume and hydration; collagen - to restore and strengthen the turgor; elastin - to improve the elasticity of the skin.

Professional colonic

Posted on 27 Jun 2018

d93930a9d52d2b958cba61c3ac586ad7.jpegProfessional colonic - procedure for the effective deep cleansing of the large intestine.
Up to 50 litres of medicinal solution (the solution consists of herbal and algae infusions, sorbent solution, ozonised solutions) is passed through the colon in one colonic hydrotherapy session, which makes it possible to purify even the most remote parts of the colon. During, the colonic irrigation course motility of the colon is restored, which leads to the elimination of such a state as bowel hypodynamia and constipation.
The resulting effect of the professional colonic.

Clinical detoxification

Posted on 26 Jun 2018

Detox-Tips-4-Easy-Ways-to-Cleanse-the-Body.jpgOur body uses the liver, intestines, lymphatic system, skin and kidneys to dispose of all unnecessary and harmful substances. However, they can only cope with organic waste using standard biological processes. This detail means that the body can not remove synthetic substances like specific emulsifiers, dyes, preservatives, taste enhancers, antibiotics and other chemicals. As a result, organs become clogged with residue and cease to function regularly. The following symptoms that occur from the accumulation of waste are fatigue, general uneasiness, headaches, various digestive disorders, allergies and other diseases. If anyone experiences the previously listed symptoms, then it is worth considering to attend a detox session.

How bioresonance therapies are reviewed

Posted on 25 Jun 2018

biorezonansnoe-i-vegeto-rezonansnoe-testirovanie-na-parazitovThose who leave reviews of how their bioresonance therapy came out confirm the benefits of the treatment. There are thousands of patients who are disappointed with traditional medicinal techniques. However, the majority of them see the effectiveness of bioresonance procedures, making it exceptionally favourable. More than seventeen thousand BICOM bioresonance devices sold worldwide daily. These apparatus are allowing holistic practitioners to treat people who suffer from depression, severe hay fever, allergies, digestive & skin problems, and more.

Sodium bicarbonate against candidiasis

Posted on 24 Jun 2018

26173.jpgIn cases of candidiasis, sodium bicarbonate is an auxiliary method, which shows its effectiveness in combination with drug therapy. Procedures with sodium bicarbonate help to reduce unpleasant symptoms in a short time and accelerate the healing process. Sodium bicarbonate against candidiasis is a great way to fight the disease.
In the case of candidiasis, sodium bicarbonate is useful because of its alkaline properties. This substance neutralises the acidic medium in the reaction. Fungi release acids during reproduction. Due to the effect of baking soda, the products of vital activity leave the body quickly, which leads to an improvement in the patient's well-being and a decrease in the manifestations of candidiasis.

LPG treatment is next to me

Posted on 23 Jun 2018

IMG_5897.jpgLPG Endermologie (LPG lipomassage) is the only technique recognised by plastic surgeons around the world as an alternative to liposuction in the treatment of cellulite and overweight.
Cellulite is a specific change in adipose tissue of female bodies, in which various factors disrupt the lymphatic and blood supply of fat cells. The cellulite-affected fatty tissue is out of fat metabolism. In this case, the connective tissue that fuses the fat cells grows and starts squeezing and "pushing" them. Search for "LPG lipomassage near me" to get help in dealing with the problem.

Procedure for Colonic hydrotherapy

Posted on 22 Jun 2018

82d6681388ee477388ef3378d7396e92.jpgColon hydrotherapy an intestinal cleansing method (enema) done mechanically using specially designed equipment, as said by most surgeon-proctologists. This procedure is very effective against chronic constipation, metabolic disorders, allergies, obesity and some skin diseases. Sometimes it is prescribed in cases of alcohol, drug or poison intoxication.

Strengthening of the muscles of the intestine

Posted on 21 Jun 2018

01121.jpgConstipation is a very unpleasant medical condition that is mainly associated with poor bowel performance. There are several ways to treat constipation. Some of them are to have a diet consisting of special products that help clear the intestine from waste (fibre) and a regular intake of liquid in sufficient quantities. Certain exercises can help get rid of constipation, increase the working capacity of the intestinal tract and accelerate the passage of stool through the intestine. Strengthening the muscles of the intestine corrects its functionality.

Cleansing the body

Posted on 20 Jun 2018

chistka.jpgModern civilizations mainly favour living in urbanized locations due to the number of benefits they offer, but it is at the cost of both your physical and mental health most of the time. Depression, unexplainable irritations, fatigue, excess weight gain, all of which are conditions that are difficult to get rid of, can develop when living in urban environments. This is inevitable as industries and gas vehicles pollute the air with exhaust fumes and toxic gases. How can we get rid of these toxins, while still reaping all the benefits of the modern world?

Additives for colon hydrotherapy treatments

Posted on 19 Jun 2018

1497903414_bol-vnizu-zhivota.jpgColon hydrotherapy is a treatment for cleansing the colon from all the accumulated waste. Up to 40 litres of water is passed through the colon throughout the procedure, thereby cleaning it from excess mucus, normalizes water balance and metabolism, flushes away harmful substances, accelerates cellular metabolism and improves the general health of the patient. Certain additional herbal solutions are also introduced into the treatment, which all have different effects on the digestive system.
Reliable results are very likely to appear after 4-6 procedures.

Symptoms of IBS

Posted on 18 Jun 2018

43be4a3add0a3c5fd61000f5b56cbbe0.jpgSymptoms of IBS can be increased flatulence, bloating, constipation, diarrhoea, pain and colic in the lower abdomen. Approximately every third illness, accompanied by similar symptoms, is IBS. An important feature is that unpleasant sensations in the abdominal area usually appear after eating and disappear after defecation.
The sensations are usually painful cramps (spasms), long aches or thrusting type pains. Additional symptoms are changes in the consistency of the stool, irresistible or false urges to defecate and a feeling of incomplete bowel movement after defecation.

Dysbacteriosis of the intestine

Posted on 17 Jun 2018

121014_0701_10.jpgThe condition of dysbacteriosis is familiar to almost everyone. It refers to what modern medicine most often calls the consequence of an external factor, including any disease, causing the composition and properties of the microflora in the body to be disturbed.
Certain groups of bacteria are present within the human body. The type of microorganism for each specific place is usually different, whether it be in the oral cavity, intestine, throat or genitalia. Moreover, these combinations are often unique for each person. Physicians call this optimal set of bacteria eubiosis, rarely biocenosis of the intestine, and a violation of its composition, quantity or properties - dysbiosis. The following passage further informs about the details of dysbacteriosis.

Intestinal obstruction

Posted on 16 Jun 2018

1504082746_r2.jpgIntestinal obstruction is a serious condition in which the patency of the small or large intestine is partially or completely impaired, which prevents food and liquids from passing through it.
Intestinal obstruction can be caused by many diseases, including a hernia, intestinal adhesions and tumours.
Symptoms caused by this condition include abdominal pain, constipation, nausea and vomiting. If the obstruction is not cleared in time, it could completely hinder the function of the intestine or cause perforations in the intestine, severe infections in the abdominal cavity (peritonitis), shock and death. Nevertheless, quick and careful treatment can prevent bowel obstruction without long-term health consequences.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

Posted on 15 Jun 2018

54_1.jpgThe fact that one in four people suffer from irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) makes it one of the most common medical conditions in the world, however only one in three of those who are affected, actually apply for help. The disease is also known as intestinal neurosis.
In comparison with other diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, IBS stands out the most. After all, it would seem, nothing can provoke it. In patients with IBS, there is no damage to the intestinal mucosa by pathogens, as well as any pathology from the tissues of the intestinal tract of inorganic origin. Nevertheless, the illness still unexpectedly happens. Numerous surveys cannot establish what really happens to the human body when the illness appears.

Treatment of bowel cancer

Posted on 14 Jun 2018

my-digestition.jpgAn individual treatment plan for bowel cancer is made for each patient, taking into account the location of a tumour, its size, prevalence, the general condition of the patient and their individual characteristics. Oncology of the intestine can be in several types: superficial, localized or metastasizing. Preoperative examinations and treatments are individually selected for each case. For example, with rectal cancer, it may be advisable to perform external radiation therapy first or combine it with chemotherapy in order to reduce the size of a tumour and reduce the risk of its local recurrence (relapse).

Enteroptosis - abnormal downward displacement of the intestine

Posted on 13 Jun 2018

shutterstock_318944678.jpgBeing diagnosed with this condition means the intestinal loops are displaced far below the required location.
This deviation from the norm is fraught with unpleasant consequences in the form of circulatory disorders and, as a consequence, worsening of the work of the gastrointestinal tract.

Symptoms of bowel cancer

Posted on 12 Jun 2018

www.cranio.in.ua-yazva-zheludka-ne-prigovor-yazva-jeludka.jpgThe intestines are part of the digestive system. It is composed of two parts: the small intestine and the large intestine. The large intestine also made up of both the rectum and the colon. The symptoms of bowel cancer allow us to detect it faster than if there were none. An intestinal tumour is almost always caused by cancer of the colon.

Immune system of the intestine and interferon

Posted on 11 Jun 2018

Primeros-Signos-y-Síntomas-de-la-Hepatitis-C.jpgThe bodys immune system exists to fight against all matter of pathogens and foreign bodies, including cancer cells. It can mostly cope on its own when dealing with microbes and viruses, but worms and tumours are too uncontrollable for it, unfortunately.
The immune system is divided into two sections: the innate and the acquired immunity, the latter also categorised as either being passive or active.

Bowel cancer prognosis

Posted on 10 Jun 2018

1-6.jpgThe intestine is an organ located in the abdominal cavity, which performs digestive and excretory functions. According to the human anatomy, the intestine is divided into two segments: the large intestine and the small intestine.
According to the statistics from World Health Organization, the intestine is the second most likely organ to be affected by cancer. The most likely organ is the lungs. Annually, around the whole world, about 600 thousand cases of intestinal cancer are reported.
The reason why it is widespread is due to the risks that encourage its development.

CHD symptoms and medical attention

Posted on 9 Jun 2018

1-16.jpgCoronary heart disease (CHD), previously called ischaemic heart disease, is a chronic or acute violation of the blood supply to the myocardium (muscle layer of the heart), resulting in an insufficient supply of oxygen to the heart. This occurs when arterial blood enters (or does not flow at all) to the cardiac muscles in limited supply due to coronary artery disease. The acute form of IHD is chronic myocardial infarction. The symptoms of IHD give a chance to detect it faster, but it can even manifest in people who seemingly do not have the conditions for the development of IHD.

Colonic irrigation heals the intestines

Posted on 8 Jun 2018

razlichnye-uspokaivayushchie-lekarstva.jpgLow activity of the intestinal muscles or the immobility of the intestine indicates the need for an urgent colonic irrigation procedure.
Colonic irrigation is done by passing water in the digestive tract through the rectum. The procedure is carried out exclusively in specialized clinics. Unlike enemas, it does not require you to be in the toilet and does not cause severe discomfort.

Toxins, herbicides and other dangerous components for the body

Posted on 7 Jun 2018

kak-pravilno-dishat.jpgColonic irrigation will help remove toxins that have accumulated in the body. In the modern world, we are surrounded by poisonous additives and substances.
Glyphosate and certain herbicides have an adverse effect on mammals, humans and soil microbial ecosystems. Investigations of the degradation of glyphosate and bioremediation in the soil using Bacillus subtilis (Bs-15) have shown that the optimal conditions for these processes were less than 10 000 mg/L glyphosate at a temperature of 35C and a pH of 8.0. 

Colonic Hydrotherapy in London: the benefits of the procedure.

Posted on 6 Jun 2018

Colonoscopy; a method for diagnosis and treatment of intestinal health problemsColonic Hydrotherapy is a modern method of cleansing the intestines. In modern urban environments, people are exposed to many unfavourable factors (e.g. bad ecology, stress, unhealthy lifestyle, fast food craze, hypodynamia) that directly affect the condition of peoples internal organs, especially the intestines.
In the past, scientists noticed that most infections begin in the intestines and made the first attempts to improve and purify the digestive tract by using an enema hollow cane or plant laxatives. In the 1920s, the first devices appeared in the USA intended for washing and irrigating of the intestines, which, despite their imperfections, quickly gained popularity.

Bacillus subtilis and Bacillus licheniformis bacteria in the human intestine

Posted on 5 Jun 2018

The-functions-of-microorganisms-in-the-human-lifeThe bacteria Bacillus subtilis and Bacillus licheniformis were originally found in the soil in an ecologically clean region of Siberia. The new strains were derived by the way of modifying them with plasmid pBMB 105, which are capable of producing interferon 2-alpha-leukocyte human. In the human body, this type of interferon is produced by leukocytes and lymphoblasts during the viral infection or in response to induction by synthetic polyribonucleotides.

Role of Probiotics in maintaining human health

Posted on 4 Jun 2018

Role of Probiotics in maintaining human healthMan is the king of nature. We used to not dispute this statement. Daily news feeds from year to year give us the reason to doubt it. New epidemics, mysterious infections that have never been heard about before now collect abundant deadly harvest - yet in the underdeveloped regions of the Earth, but there is no guarantee that the leading powers are protected from these or some of unknown diseases. Is it possible to build a reliable barrier against these threats? Scientists claim that it is. These are probiotic drugs, or so-called live preparations

Colonic hydrotherapy treatment

Posted on 3 Jun 2018

landscape-1446801762-g-examinations562434181.jpgRod-shaped, coliform bacteria was discovered by an Austrian physician T. Esherich in 1885 and named it in his honour. This microorganism is categorised into two main types according to their antigenic and biochemical properties: E.coli and Citrobacter. Colonic hydrotherapy treatment restores the bodys health. The E. Coli bacteria is mobile with slightly rounded ends and makes up the majority of all the microflora in the intestine.

Colonic Hydrotherapy of the intestine: what is this and the general rules

Posted on 2 Jun 2018

Colon-hydrotherapy-page-Hero-Image-1000x600.jpgColonic Hydrotherapy of the intestine is an apparatus purification procedure, in which the large intestine is irrigated (washed) with a large amount of liquid.
In contrast to the usual enema cleansing of the intestine. cleansing only the rectum, hydro-colon therapy offers cleaning of all parts of the intestine.
Colonic Hydrotherapy of the intestine is really a useful procedure if the patient has no contraindications and the course is carried out correctly, not only the procedures for purifying toxins have been performed, but also to restore normal intestinal microflora.

Reviews on colonic irrigation show that it improves the state of the intestine

Posted on 1 Jun 2018

2-mavesmerter.jpgConstipation is a disruption of the functionality of the colon, which causes delayed or inefficient excretion of waste from the body.
Constipation causes these symptoms: nausea, loss of appetite, headache, bad breath, a plaque on the tongue, heartburn, insomnia, dizziness and so on. Reviews on colonic irrigation note the positive effect that the procedure has on the entire body.
The clinical picture of constipation depends not only on the causes but also on the tone of the intestine. Depending on whether it is elevated or lowered, constipation is categorised as being spastic or atonic.

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