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Colonic hydrotherapy treatment

3 Jun 2018 wellness-studio.co.uk

Colonic hydrotherapy treatment Rod-shaped, coliform bacteria was discovered by an Austrian physician T. Esherich in 1885 and named it in his honour. This microorganism is categorised into two main types according to their antigenic and biochemical properties: E.coli and Citrobacter. Colonic hydrotherapy treatment restores the bodys health.
The E. Coli bacteria is mobile with slightly rounded ends and makes up the majority of all the microflora in the intestine. E. coli also comes in over 100 different pathogenic forms as well. Different pathogenic bacteria of this type are divided into four classes: enteropathogenic, enterotoxigenic, enteroinvasive and enterohemorrhagic, and there are no morphological differences between the pathogenic and the normal forms of E. coli bacteria.
The number of echresemia, among other representatives of the intestinal microflora, should not exceed the norm - 1%. These bacteria play an important role in the work of the gastrointestinal tract. Intestinal bacillus with normal enzymatic activity is a direct competitor for opportunistic microflora. It, together with bifido- and lactobacilli, prevent its reproduction. E. coli participates in cholesterol metabolism, metabolism of fatty acids, assists absorption of iron and calcium, promotes hydrolysis of lactose, produces B vitamins and produces antibiotic-like substances that prohibit the growth of pathogenic E. coli.

Normalization of colon function using colonic irrigation.

Colonic hydrotherapy treatment is necessary for the normal functioning of the digestive tract. The intestinal bow appears in the intestine from the first days of life. The amount of E. coli with normal enzymatic activity throughout life should remain at the level of 107 108 CFU / g. If there are deviations from this value in the analysis of stool, this is a sign of dysbiosis.
Intestinal bacillus with reduced enzymatic activity (lactose-negative) is a sign of beginning dysbacteriosis and an indirect sign of the possible presence of intestinal worms or protozoa. Exceeding its level of 105 causes infections of the urinary tract, abdominal cavity, intestine and upper respiratory tract. When the amount of pathogenic E. coli strains is exceeded, along with the basic therapy, probiotics are used.
Pathogenic E. coli can cause escherichiosis (infectious diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, urinary tract, sepsis). Infection usually occurs by a faecal-oral route, through dirty hands, contaminated food and water.
Colonic hydrotherapy treatment in our clinic is carried out by professionals. Irrigating the intestine allows you to restore a healthy microflora, improve immunity and get rid of parasites.


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