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Colonic irrigation in Brighton

25 Dec 2018 wellness-studio.co.uk

Colonic irrigation in Brighton Colonic irrigation in Brighton is the most gentle of all existing methods for deep cleansing of the intestines. The intestine is not just cleaned, but parasites, toxins and old faecal deposits on the walls of all intestinal sections are also eliminated with the help of this therapy. The effect observed after treatment is felt immediately. It is noticed that the state of health improves, lightness appears in the body, weight decreases and the volume of the abdomen and waist decreases. Such an effect cannot be achieved with a conventional cleansing enema or any kind of diet.
Intestinal blockage occurs in the process of human life. Body weight increases and the immune system is weakened due to improper diet, sedentary lifestyle, a lot of bad habits. When a person switches to a healthy lifestyle, the toxins still remain inside the intestine, interfering with its functions, which leads to numerous violations:

  • diarrhoea;
  • constipation;
  • bloating;
  • the feeling of constant discomfort.
Colonic irrigation in Brighton or, as it is also called, monitor colon cleaning helps to alleviate these symptoms in one session, and to clean the bowels thoroughly in five to six sessions.

How is colonic irrigation in Brighton done?

The patient lies on his back to facilitate the removal of toxins ft the beginning of the procedure. The doctor makes a relaxing massage of the abdomen and connects the system for the monitor cleansing of the bowels. About twenty litres of water is passed through the colon during this therapy, with the help of specialised equipment. And then, a small amount of liquid is with eubiotics dissolved in it planted in to prevent the development of dysbacteriosis. The gut restores its function in a few hours completely, and body weight decreases by three to five pounds. The skin is cleansed, the immune system improves, digestion is normalised after a few days.
For colonic irrigation in Brighton to be as effective as possible, the patient must be consulted by a doctor and prepare for that in advance. It is necessary to stop eating certain types of food containing fats and vegetable proteins a few days before treatment. It is also better to stop eating fresh vegetables, fruits and legumes. Excluding alcohol and any carbonated drinks is an essential condition. It is also imperative to stop eating entirely no later than four hours before the treatment.


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