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When individuals don’t have the energy to fully enjoy their lives, their work, and their families, something precious has been wasted.

Unicity’s products have been designed to work with the body’s natural anti-aging and health-restoration processes. From extensive research and recent studies on health, wellness, fitness and nutrition, we have determined what we believe are the five most important actions you can take to gain optimal health. The following five-step philosophy demonstrates how Unicity’s products work with the body to support healthy, natural living.


Why Start with Water?

Dehydration is subtle, so subtle that most people are unaware of their need for water. Statistically, more than 90 percent of us are dehydrated; we are not getting the amount of water our bodies need to operate at optimal capacity. Water is the most important nutrient that our bodies need to properly function and plays a critical role in the natural metabolic, digestive, and cellular regeneration processes. When our bodies become dehydrated, our organs suffer, resulting in the prevalence of many degenerative diseases. All major systems of the body depend on water!

Recommendation: Drink at least 1,5 – 2 L of water each day. Make an intentional effort daily to drink more water and less soda, coffee, and other non-beneficial beverages.


Why is Walking the Second Step?

Anyone, even someone not used to a regular exercise program, can instantly benefit from walking. Walking requires little time and no equipment. In fact, research has shown that brisk walking can be more beneficial and effective to overall health than extended running workouts. Walking is easy on the joints and bones, increases stamina and improves mobility, expands heart and cardiovascular functions, reduces stress, improves mental alertness and function, assists in weight loss, and promotes proper organ functions.

RecommendationDetermine to walk more each day by parking further away, taking the stairs instead of the elevator, and walking in the neighbourhood at night.


Why is Cleansing a Critical Step in Good Health?

Poor digestion is one of our country’s major health problems. Your digestive system is a complex arrangement of organs and intestines, an assortment of acids, bacteria, and enzymes designed to nourish vital organs and body systems. Your food and drink must be broken down into small molecules of nutrients before they can be absorbed into the blood and carried to cells throughout the body. A clogged or poorly functioning digestive system prevents the absorption of nutrients and the elimination of toxins which are damaging to the liver, gallbladder, pancreas, and other vital organs. Cleansing your body of harmful toxins and debris allows it to fully absorb and utilize the nutrients you take in through foods and natural supplements. When toxic build-up isn’t cleared away, it prevents your body from converting the nutrients you consume into the energy you require.

"90% of all disease and discomfort is directly or indirectly related to an unclean colon." Royal Academy of Physicians of Great Britain


  1. Colon hydrotherapy (3-6 sessions)
  2. Cleanse your body with Unicity’s 

    Paraway® Pack, which includes everything you need for a high-powered, synergistic cleanse. It contains a proprietary combination of 29 highly-effective Chinese and American herbs and a unique fibre matrix that work together to help the body eliminate harmful organisms and support a clean, healthy, pro-bionic digestive tract.


Are We Eating the Right Things?

Unfortunately, today’s diets are made up of more fats, more sugars, more carbohydrates and fewer nutritionally rich foods. This, combined with the fact that we can’t realistically eat 5-9 servings of fruits and vegetables every day, means we are not getting the vital essential vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, and phytochemicals so critical to building and maintaining good health. Properly formulated, natural supplements bridge the gap between our bodies’ increasing need for greater nutrition and the decline of nutrition in our food.

Recommendation: Use Unicity’s LifeHealth on the go™. It is one of the most unique, scientifically advanced nutritional formulations available in the market today. LifeHealth on the go™ delivers to your body core important nutrients that power the health and vitality of every system in your body. LifeHealth on the go™ is packed with 30 daily servings of a tasty powder formula that provides maximum absorption and immediate benefit to your body. You simply pour the powder on your tongue or mix it with water or juice.


Target Your Specific Needs

Once you have established a foundation of health through hydration, walking, cleansing, and nourishing your core, you can expand your focus to include specific areas of concern.

Recommendation: Take advice from our certified Herbalist at ParklandNatural Health Clinic and have an express bio-resonance diagnostics


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