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I need help with Hairs

Hair body epilation

Epilation is the process of removing hair by destroying hair follicles or eliminating hair directly from its root so that it does not grow back for a very long time.
There are no hair removal procedures that grant permanent effects since the technology used only affects existing hair. Thus, the effectiveness of epilation depends on the number of procedures necessary to obtain sufficient long-lasting results and the characteristics of the patient's body.

Epilation: ways to remove hair

Hair removal by electrolysis is considered to be an outdated method, but it is still an effective procedure, and its market has barely any competitors. During the process, a special needle destroys hair follicles with current discharges. It is an almost effortless procedure that leaves little to no remains behind. If during the process any hair is pulled out instead of being destroyed, it will regrow. The process needs to repeat to remove remaining hair at a later date.
Laser hair removal is harmless and almost painless and takes less time than an electrolysis treatment. The procedure is done to burn the hair, which destroys both the follicle and the root from which it grows. The hairs that remain on the surface of the skin, after the procedure, can only be waxed and removed after two weeks. It is crucial to wait one and a half to two weeks without pulling them out and waxing them off so that they fall out on their own. The session takes a little time: the shin - 20 minutes, the legs completely - 40, and the bikini zone can be done in just 10-15. Several types of lasers differ in the wavelength of the emitted light and the duration of the pulses.
Photoepilation - the procedure will help to achieve a quick visible result, but much patience needed to get rid of hair entirely. Intense pulsed light removes bulbs. The flash of the beam "kills" the hair when it is in the growth phase, and during the next 20 days it falls out. The trick is to catch this phase. Otherwise, the hair will appear again, just thinner and lighter. It will become almost invisible, but not completely removed.
For a long time, it was considered very effective and safe. However, the high cost and a large number of restrictions markedly reduced the number of its fans. The combined effect of the energy of the light beam and the electric current helps to destroy the hairs in the growth stage. Externally, the procedure is no different from a photo or laser.

Full body and bikini waxing for men is as popular as for women today. Our clinic in London employs qualified professionals who perform their tasks safely and accurately.

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Buttocks waxing treatment is available at our clinic in London. Skilled practitioner and high-quality materials allow you to achieve a high-quality effect, without irritation and allergic reactions



Waxing hair removal of the back and abdomen is carried out at the highest level of professionalism in our clinic in London. If you have unwanted hairs in these areas, and they bother you, then there is a rapid and effective solution to this problem which is hot beeswax depilation.



We offer hair removal and eyebrow correction with Brazilian hot beeswax in our clinic in London.  We offer a quality service that gives long-term results. All of our specialists have high-level qualifications and significant work experience, while modern wax formulations prevent irritation and allergies



Full arm wax is usually done to remove hairs from the wrist to the elbow and all the way up to the shoulder. 30 minutes

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Takes all hair off the bikini line, from the pelvic area all the way to your back (incluiding your bum!). 30 minutes

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Takes the sides of the bikini line deeper than a regular bikini wax, and can also include waxing some hair on top to make a more defined triangle area, or trimming down the left hair. Hair is also removed from the back. 20 minutes



Depilation of the bikini zone in our clinic in London has long been a familiar procedure for women seeking a flawless appearance. Removal of unwanted vegetation in the bikini zone is particularly relevant in the summer, during the bathing season, but more and more women decide on depilation of the intimate area throughout the year: it is hygienic, sexy, and lately also very fashionable.



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