Simple intestinal cleaning

Anatori Sealife Comments 0 1st October 2018

The statement that “the human body is a self-cleaning and perfectly balanced system” has already become widely used. But, creating such a perfect organism, nature could hardly foresee the virtuosity with which the brain of this organism would devise ways of self-poisoning and self-destruction. Therefore, the actual question remains: how to conduct simple intestinal cleaning? Toxins still accumulate in the body, and it is desirable to remove them for the prevention of diseases.
During the body detox, you need to increase the volume of water intake; otherwise, you may constipate, and an additional self-poisoning of the organism will occur. The question of the need to use enemas for cleansing the body is controversial. There is much debate about the dangers and benefits of enemas. Cleansing with an enema is not the easiest way to detox the body.
Colonic hydrotherapy is similar in effect to an enema but is more hygienic and is administered under the supervision of specialists. Simple intestinal cleaning with the help of colonic irrigation is an ideal option for everyone.
Colonic Hydrotherapy or cleansing the intestines using therapeutic equipment has both advantages and disadvantages. First of all, it is essential to understand that this is an exclusively medical procedure and can not be selected independently. In the second, it is crucial to consult with the gastroenterologist as well as your GP and psychotherapist. In particular, if irritable bowel syndrome is observed in everyday life.

Benefit and harm of simple intestinal cleaning

Benefits of colonic hydrotherapy:

  • Thanks to this procedure, both the large intestine and the rectum get rid of impacted faecal matter;
  • Well-being is improved. Build-ups and old faeces, aggressive forms of bacteria and excess of fungal infections are also removed;
  • By adjusting the functioning of the digestive tract, the immune system is significantly strengthened. The skin becomes clearer and radiant, sleep and appetite improves;
  • The metabolism is normalised. Sudden attacks of hunger or thirst stop when they are not connected with real needs;
  • Strengthened baroreceptors. Some people, although a tiny group, face the problem of uncontrolled defecation. And in such cases, colonic hydrotherapy is one of the most effective procedures along with psychological help;
  • Colonic hydrotherapy is one of the most effective treatments;

The typical size of the large intestine restores. The walls of the colon are stretched due to the constant pressure of stool and the accumulation of dehydrated and solid faecal matter, what makes the stomach flabby and large visually.
Several cleansing sessions will help to return the colon to its normal state;
Rinsing the intestinal cavity is very useful for the digestive system as well as for other vital systems. In particular, for women, colonic therapy helps to activate the uterus and increase blood flow in the pelvic area. Results are noticeable immediately after the procedure.
But the technique has significant drawbacks too. First of all, even the use of specialised solutions based on medications or medicinal herbs wash away the natural microflora, slowing the performance of the colon. Disruption of the gastrointestinal tract and even inflammatory processes can be observed with too frequent use of hydrotherapy. However, simple intestinal cleaning with colonic hydrotherapy remains to be the most effective.