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The effect that the CRF system has on the intestines and colonic irrigation as a method for recovery from stress.

People today live in unsuitable conditions. In addition to the sedentary lifestyle, many of us are often put down by stressful situations. Emotional states have serious effects on the bodys health. Long periods of stress could lead to the dysfunction of the intestine and the entire gastrointestinal tract. Colonic irrigation allows preventing these issues. Our clinic offers colon hydrotherapy treatments with the use of high-quality equipment under the supervision of experienced specialists.
Corticotropin-releasing factor (CRF) signalling systems include CRF and structurally related peritonic urocortin (Ucn., CRF binds to high and moderate affinities for CRF 1 and CRF 2 receptors respectively, while Ucn1 is a high-affinity agonist in both receptors, and Ucn2 and Ucn3 are selective agonists of CRF 2. CRF systems are expressed both in the brain and in the large intestine at the level of the gene and protein.
Experimental studies have established that the activation of the CRF 1 way in the brain or colon allows for the recovery from diarrhoea and predominantly irritable bowel syndrome (stimulation of colon motility, activation of mast cells and serotonin, defecation / watery diarrhoea and visceral hyperalgesia). In contrast, selective CRF 1 antagonists or CRF 1 / CRF 2 antagonists, abrogated or decreased exogenous CRF and stress-induced stimulation of colon motility, defecation, diarrhoea and activation of mast cell colon and visceral hyperalgesia for colorectal stretching. In contrast, CRF 2 signalling in the colon moistened CRF with mediated stimulation of the motor function of the colon and visceral hyperalgesia.

Intestine purification significantly helps after stressful experiences

The data provide a conceptual basis for the continuous activation of the CRF 1 system at central and/or peripheral sites, may be one of the main causes of IBS diarrhoea symptoms. Although the targeting of these mechanisms by CRF 1 antagonists provided an appropriate new therapeutic site, these prospective preclinical data have not yet been translated into the therapeutic use of CRF 1 antagonists. Whether existing or newly developed CRF 1 antagonists have therapeutic benefits for stress-sensitive diseases, including IBS for a subset of patients, are still under development.
Colonic irrigation can restore the natural microflora that was lost under the influence of stress. The muscles of the large intestine return to their original form, acquiring a tone. As a result, the general state of health of the patient improves and the functionality of the digestive system is normalized.
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Anti-Candida Mini Detox - Three Colonics with bicarbonate of soda

An intensive course of three colon cleanses with bicarbonate of soda taken over one week to kick start a detox cleansing regime. Includes initial consultation. Best offer of closed system colonic hydrotherapy in London.

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Mini Detox PLUS - 3 Colonics including minerals, probiotic & herbal implant

The ideal pattern of colonic treatments includes three alkalising colon hydrotherapy treatments with sodium bicarbonate, one anti-parasitic implant on the first treatment, one liver and gall bladder stimulating herbal implant on the second treatment, and high strength probiotic implant on the third colonic.

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The Ultimate Slimming Solution - Sequence of sixteen colonic irrigations

An intensive sequence of sixteen colon hydrotherapy sessions taken over five weeks prepares the body to lose toxic fluid fat. Includes consultation and nutrition advice.

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The Four Seasons - Package of ten colonic irrigations

Ten colonic hydrotherapy sessions to fully cleanse your colon and maintain your health throughout the year. Includes initial consultation with a certified specialist.

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Mini Detox - Course of three Colonic Irrigations in London

An intensive course of three colon cleanses taken over one week to kick start a detox cleansing regime. Includes initial consultation. Best offer of closed system colonic hydrotherapy in London.

Holborn, London
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