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Every person over 50 years of age must undergo colonoscopyPolyp of the large intestine.

The polyps of the colon are attracted by the attention of coloproctologists around the world since intestinal cancer in the vast majority of cases develops from benign polyp (adenoma).
Polyp of the large intestine is the outgrowth of the mucosa of the intestinal wall. Polyps can be single and multiple, located on a pedicle or on a wide base ("sessile"). Depending on the shape and features of the structure, different types of polyps are distinguished. In particular, they distinguish polyps inflammatory (appearing on the site of inflammation), hyperplastic (the result of the excessive proliferation of normal tissue) and neoplastic (growth of atypical (abnormal) cells). The latter can be both benign and malignant.
An important role in the development of polyps of the large intestine is played by:
  • hereditary factors;
  • features of nutrition (the use of refined products, an excess of animal food, lack of coarse fibre);
  • constipation.
If the polyp of the large intestine is small - a few millimetres in diameter, then it does not disturb the patient at all, and can only be detected by chance, when examining the colon. Large polyps reaching a few centimetres can ulcerate, break through the wall of the intestine and lead to bleeding.
With prolonged existence, polyp cells can become malignant. On average, one in five of them turns into cancer.

Polyps of the large intestine: diagnosis, treatment and prevention.

The main method of diagnosing colonoscopy polyps is to examine the intestinal tract up to one meter with a special endoscope inserted into the anus. The endoscope is passed through the bends of the intestine, through all its constrictions. Every person over 50 years of age must undergo this procedure. If the family has cases of colon cancer, it is necessary to undergo colonoscopy regularly, starting from a younger age.
Conservative treatment is futile. Any colon polyps found during a colonoscopy should be surgically removed and examined under a microscope.
Surgical treatment of polyps of the large intestine is carried out with the help of endoscopic equipment. A flexible endoscope is inserted into the anus (a colonoscopy is performed by such an endoscope), equipped with a loop electrode, which is grasped, squeezed and cut off the leg of the polyp. Electrocoagulation is used to cauterize polyps and guts. The large ones are removed in parts.
Our clinic in London provides professional assistance for colon cleansing. The procedure allows you to purify the body, restore the muscles and immune system.
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The Ultimate Slimming Solution - Sequence of sixteen colonic irrigations

An intensive sequence of sixteen colon hydrotherapy sessions taken over five weeks prepares the body to lose toxic fluid fat. Includes consultation and nutrition advice.

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The Four Seasons - Package of ten colonic irrigations

Ten colonic hydrotherapy sessions to fully cleanse your colon and maintain your health throughout the year. Includes initial consultation with a certified specialist.

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The Spring Cleanse - a series of Six colonic irrigations

series of Six colonic sessions to fully cleanse your colon. Only disposable accessories and Closed colon hydrotherapy system. Includes initial consultation.

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