• Colonic hydrotherapy with Probiotic Implant

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  • Alkalising Colonic Irrigation with bicarbonate of soda

  • Goodbye Cellulite - LPG Endermologie

  • Special offer - 10% OFF! Highest standard of waxing hair removal. Book Now!

  • Colonic irrigation with Herbal Liver Detox

  • The Best Osteopath in London

  • Acupuncture - Ancient healing for a modern world

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  • Expert LPG Endermologie Lipomassage in central London

LPG Endermologie

10% off

Eye Lift treatment by LPG Endermologie

It would seem that the restoration of skin cells is a process beyond the control of even modern cosmetology, but this is not so. We propose to take advantage of contemporary technology endermolift, which is explicitly designed for sensitive areas. Eye Lift treatment by LPG Endermologie in our London clinic will allow the person to return the attractiveness and youthful look. 20 minutes

Holborn, London

£39.00 or £35.10 if booked on-line

35.1 GBP

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10% off

Enegising Jet Lag LPG Endermologie Lipomassage for men

The Energising Jet Lag treatment for men, administered in our London clinic, stimulates the reflex zones of the back, arms and legs to release the energy stored in them. As we know, men lose weight easier than women. This is explained by the fact that they have a more active metabolism. Therefore, in the course of their lives, men burn many more calories than women. As a result, the tendency to gain weight in men is less pronounced. 20 minute

Holborn, London

£45.00 or £40.50 if booked on-line

40.5 GBP

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10% off

Expert Liposculpting treatment for men

Expert Liposculpting therapy for men in our London clinic is used for such patient-specific problem areas as the torso, pecs, abdominal muscles and back muscles. Liposculpting of the body is a technique for the complex transformation of a body shape using the simultaneous correction of various zones. Unlike other methods of changing body shape and weight correction, liposculpting is distinguished by a gentle approach of impact, and also helps to improve the body shape radically with the help of a single monotonous service.
Holborn, London

£56.00 or £50.40 if booked on-line

50.4 GBP

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