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Candidiasis of the oesophagus: causes and consequences.

In gastroenterology, there are a number of diseases that are difficult to diagnose due to their nature. One example is oesophagal candidiasis, a familiar "thrush" that has changed the habitual localization. The presence of this infection indicates that there are other dangerous diseases present that have affected the immune system, so it is extremely important to find the disease in time and get rid of it.
The candida fungus is considered to be opportunistic, i.e. a healthy person with the good immune system is not affected by the infection until the conditions are just right for it to cause candidiasis.
Under normal conditions, the fungus cannot harm the body, since the mucous membranes in the colon resist their influence thanks to the immune system and other protective elements of the surrounding microflora. If their work fails, and the protective function of mucous membranes worsens and candida begins to multiply actively and spread. Since this microorganism usually lives either in the intestine or in the oral cavity, the infection can either ascend or descend through the oesophagus.
candida fungi in the oesophagus

Candidiasis of the oesophagus and the need for specialized care.

Detection of the candida fungi in the oesophagus does not always indicate the presence of a disease. In some cases, it is in a form of a carrier, for which there is no specific treatment, however, in such a situation, the diagnosis of the body's condition is necessary to identify the root of the causes of fungal proliferation.
The identification of the pathway to which the fungus has entered the body is not an obligatory medical task. The microorganism is widely distributed in the environment. It can be found in water, in the earth, in the mucous of people and animals. It can be transmitted through any kind of contact.
The main difficulty lies in the fact that in half of all cases, oesophagal candidiasis does not show any symptoms, which greatly complicates its diagnosis. A distinctive feature of the disease is the absence of direct dependence between the stage of its development, the complexity of the situation and the patient's feelings.
Candidiasis of the oesophagus is a complex disease is still being investigated up to this day. The slightest weakening of the immune defence can already cause the development of colonies of the fungus, and the lack of correct treatment leads to serious complications. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to any possible symptoms and immediately go to a specialist for examination.
Because candidiasis of the oesophagus is a consequence of candidiasis of the intestine, professionals in our clinic can prevent its effects by assisting you through the colonic irrigation treatment.
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