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Bio-Resonance scan system assesses fluctuating wave characteristics of body tissue, individual cells and chromosomes. 

Bio-Resonance scan the whole body from head to toe

It is quick, painless and safe, even for kids. The client is scanned by the Oberon using a pair of headphones which emit a range of frequencies of magnetic fields. The results of the Oberon diagnostics are then compared to the resonant frequencies of all normal organs and common disease tissues in various stages of progression. The resonant frequencies of medications, allergens and foods are also scanned for comparison. The results of the comparison are then fed into the Oberon computer software programme (‘Metapathia’) where areas of significance are highlighted for the practitioner on a graphical physiological display.

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    Nadia Mel

    Antoni found what not even a week in hospital could find in my body! And it’s because of the Body scan that I was able to address difficult health problems that had made my life so hard. I am slowly recovering now and so happy. I cannot thank him enough and cannot recommend the Body Scan enough if you have issues that no doctor can solve! Thank you Antoni.

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    When I came to see you last November I was left with no energy and also having lots of problem with focusing to do normal daily things. After having mini detox programme I have to say result was nothing that I could imagine. First I find all the energy gone up to roof. Still the same today. I do lots of things during the day and I feel still not tired in the end of the day. I have young kids so you can imagine how busy you can be just looking after them. Also my skin looked so fresh and all my friend think I must have done something different. When I told them the reason they were quite amazed. So I wanted to say thank you and I would recommend to anyone who might have similar problems. Many many thanks, Samantha*

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