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manikyur-pedikyur-pokrytie-minsk-skidka-inspireyshn-1.jpgManicure and pedicure in London

Proper care and good manicure and pedicure in London allows you to tidy up your nails, and to moisten your skin, solve the problem of burrs, or fix more pressing issues, such as, for example, an ingrown nail. Sleek, beautiful hands and feet will be your second calling card.
Perfect manicure is not a gift from nature but works on your hands. But it was reduced to careful nail care for a long time. Two Latin words manus - hand and cure - care form this term. At the same time, the secrets of brilliant, in every sense, nails were kept secret and passed down from generation to generation. Manicure and pedicure in London in our clinic is professional help for your fingernails and toenails.
Manicure includes, first of all, complete care for hands and nails, as well as nail colouring. For a business person, be it a man or a woman, well-groomed hands are crucial for creating an image. There are many types of manicure nowadays, namely:

Classic or cropped manicure is the most common type of manicure in our country. First of all, give the desired shape to the nails using nail files, before soaking. The procedure should not be carried out on wet nails in any case, as this may lead to their delamination.

The principal difference between the European manicure and the classic one is that the skin around the nail is not trimmed, but moved. This is achieved by softening the thin film on the fingernail with special emulsions and oils. Then the nail plate is polished. European manicure thus preserves what nature has created and recommends the skin around the nail to people with thin, delicate cuticle.

Machine manicure is a modern technology that recently appeared on the market but immediately became popular. It is performed using a particular device and various rotating grinding nozzles.

Manicure and pedicure in London: types of pedicure

Our feet are not only for movement. The more beautiful our feet, the healthier the body and the better our well-being. This pattern is indisputable. We subject our legs to the permanent adverse effects of tight, uncomfortable shoes and high heels. After all, we want to wear fashionable footwear such as shoes with narrow toes, thin heels, which can be genuinely seductive. Our feet are the first to suffer because of this. You just need to take care of them, and not only in summer, but always! The look and health of our feet at 30, at 40, or 50 years is the result of our attitude to our feet. The pedicure is very useful for men from the aesthetic and hygienic point of view too.
A pedicure is also an esthetic and hygienic procedure.

Classic or the edged pedicure was at the origin of this service as professional foot care began to develop from that. They say that classic pedicure was invented in Russia. The girls who studied at the institutes of noble maidens considered all the methods of improving their appearance. Classic pedicure provides a cut method of processing feet and toenails. It is performed on the same principle as the classic manicure.

Machine pedicure is considered more gentle compared to a pedicure that is performed manually. That is why it is recommended to people who suffer from an ingrown toenail, corns, protruding bones ("cones") and even diabetic foot. Machine pedicure allows the practitioner to process calluses and foot cracks more delicately and less painfully. If necessary, core corns are drilled with special, very thin burs, and the skin around them remains unaffected.

If you want to pamper your feet especially, try SPA - pedicure. First, your feet take water treatments with oils, massaged with scrubs based on salt, sugar or nuts. Further, they are softened with a mask of clay, algae, or sea minerals. And at the end, the feet are massaged with various moisturisers.
Come to our London clinic for the manicure and pedicure procedure and get aesthetic pleasure.

Deluxe mani + deluxe pedi

Luxurious manicure and luxurious pedicure are popular services in our London clinic. High-level professionals will carry out a thorough preparation of nails for luxurious decor. We use the most modern cuticle removal techniques, which are safe non-pruning methods, as well as modern varnishes and paints for different occasions.
Holborn, London


55 GBP

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Mini mani + mini pedi

Mini manicure and mini pedicure is a popular service in our London clinic, which allows every woman to maintain the health and beauty of her hands and feet, strength and health of toes and fingers nails.
Holborn, London


40 GBP

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Deluxe Pedicure (remove cuticle, file and paint)

We offer Deluxe Pedicure (remove cuticle, file and paint) at our London clinic.
All people need a procedure like a pedicure from time to time. Men and women order this treatment. A large selection of pedicure options is on the list of our services. This service is designed primarily for women, and it has certain features.
Holborn, London


35 GBP

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Mini Pedicure (file&paint)

Well-groomed feet are an essential component of the overall look, which is why regular care of them is so critical. Mini Pedicure (file & paint) is performed by experts. Practitioners gently affect the tissue with hand or electric tools, removing the layer of dead epithelium without damaging living cells.
Holborn, London


25 GBP

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Deluxe Manicure (remove cuticle, file and paint)

Nail service is relevant for women as well as for men and children. Beautiful, well-groomed nails are beautiful as well as a sign of health and confidence. Manicure is one of the treatments that has become as mandatory as brushing your teeth.
Holborn, London


30 GBP

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Mini Manicure (file&paint)

Beautiful nails are an integral part of female attractiveness. Modern women pay great attention to their appearance while spending a significant portion of time visiting nail salons. What to do when the time is short? Mini-manicure is the most suitable choice in this case. Punctual people who value their time and do not want to spend it on visiting nail salons, use this type of manicure more often.
Holborn, London


20 GBP

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