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Male waxing London by professional Brazilian TherapistWaxing for males in London is performed by Brazilian therapists who specialise in mens Brazilian waxing.
Many men tend to shy away from the whole waxing scene. Some men think that waxing is for women, some think that it is embarrassing to get a waxing procedure done and some men are even afraid that the pain will be overwhelming. The truth is that waxing for men is extremely common, there is no need to be embarrassed about it and there are now procedures that makes waxing much less painful. The therapists in our office are specially trained to keep your procedure confidential and as painless as humanly possible.
The pros outweigh the cons when it comes to waxing for men. Not only is it better hygiene to be clean, clear and trimmed, but it can also be maintenance free for about 5 weeks. Another benefit is that places that are waxed on a regular basis generally become naturally less thick, and sometimes the hair ceases to grow there altogether. Not only is waxing important for hygiene, but a waxed area of the body will not have those pesky shave bumps that razors tend to cause. No matter what your reasoning is, waxing is generally the best choice to make.
While tons of body hair used to show that a boy has become a man, nowadays it is actually a nuisance to have bodily hair. For example, a swimmer with leg hair is actually slowed down by the friction of the hair and water rubbing together, a man who sweats will tend to have a stronger odour because the body hair traps it in and a man who works dealing with clients and customers will be less aesthetic to look at. All of these reasons and more are why male waxing now tops mens beauty lists everywhere.
At the Parkland Natural Health in London, we perform waxing procedures specifically designed for men. Some of the mens waxing offers include the Male Hollywood Waxing treatment and the Male Brazilian Waxing treatment. Our staff members are trained to be discreet and professional with our clients, and we make sure that every one of them is specially trained to perform male waxing treatments. We know that men tend to be a little more private about their waxing procedures and treatments, so we make sure that our therapists understand the importance of confidentiality for our office and our clients.
Offering combinations of colonic irrigation and waxing hair removal during the last nine years, we were able to observe thousands of clients' skin condition improvement. The liver & gallbladder stimulating herbal implant and sodium bicarbonate make Colonic Irrigation particularly beneficial, thanks to advantageous properties of those substances.  The liver & gallbladder stimulating herbal tincture based on Red Clover plant improves self-healing processes of the liver and accelerates the excretion of toxins which contributes to a smoother and cleaner skin. While sodium bicarbonate solution reduces inflammatory processes throughout the body; brings down acidity level in the gut; eliminate fluid retention in the abdominal area; retains potassium in the body which is essential for the heart, and it kills Candida the fungal infection which can become very harmful to the internal organs and causes skin rashes in the intim areas of the body if left untreated for a long time.

Chest and stomach

30 minutes



Back and lower back

30 minutes

1 5 1



45 minutes



30 minutes



Includes removal of hair from bikini line, shaft, scrotum or sac, groin and crack and buttocks.
50 minutes

1 5 1



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