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Full Leg
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Full Leg

Leg waxing for men

Not only women are embarrassed because of the excessive amount of hair on the body, causing anxiety and trouble. Men shave their chest, arms, back and face with the same razor in the morning usually. Shaving is not a long-term option, and the visual effect of smoothness disappears in a day. The body is covered with spiny bristles, and the sensations become even worse than before. As typical, irritation and pimples occur on the skin after shaving. Legs waxing for men in our clinic in London allows you to get rid of unwanted hair safely and efficiently.

It is difficult to carry out DIY wax epilation on the male body, as wax formulas for male epilation are not sold in retail stores. Men need more epilation sessions due to the density and structure of the hair to remove unwanted hairiness from the legs. But the vital activity of the hair follicles atrophies due to the regularity of the sessions, which leads to thinning of the hair and dramatically simplifies the procedure of hair removal.

Peculiarities of leg waxing for men in our clinic

The therapists of our clinic use high-quality wax, explicitly designed for the male skin, which is ideal for male leg hair removal. Despite the brutal appearance, the male skin is softer because of the dense hair, and the hair is thicker and tougher. The composition, we use, cares for the skin and firmly grips the hair, removing the entire area of ​​waxing at a time.

The session begins with cleansing the skin of the treated part of the body. Practitioner cleans the skin with a specialised solution, removing grease, sweat, cream residues and surface dirt. The oil is applied to the skin to protect against sticking of the wax and reactive irritation of the skin before spreading the wax. The technique of waxing with oil before spreading wax prevents bruises, removal of the surface layer of the skin or other skin trauma. Then the master spreads the heated wax over the area of ​​epilation with a disposable wooden spatula. It is selected depending on the area of ​​the body, the sensitivity of the skin and individual reactions to the components in the composition. After the wax hardens, the practitioner removes the application with a single quick movement of the hand and puts his palm to facilitate the reaction. The area is treated with lotion once again for cleansing at the end of the procedure, what is necessary for soothing the skin and an antiseptic effect. The treatment is completed with a soothing Aloe Vera gel or a softening body lotion. Both gel and cream soothe the skin, relieve redness and nourish.

Andreia Jurquete
andreia jurqueteWelcome to The Brazilian Wax, a salon which specialises in waxing to leave your skin nourished and silky smooth.The Brazilian Wax is a unique salon where all we do is wax.


Our wax, made with 100% pure beeswax and resin, is formulated to hydrate and nourish the skin. Its practical and effective formula can be used on any part of the body and face.
Our exclusive honey wax formula, specially produced in Brazil, removes the entire hair follicle from the root with results that can last up to six weeks.


Ingrown Hairs

To prevent ingrown hairs gently exfoliate once a week with a natural loofah, or a product specifically designed to exfoliate ingrown hairs or indeed with homemade remedies which help the skins renewal and the exit of the hair from the follicle.
Exfoliating two days before waxing helps to open the pores. Urea or glycolic acid based moisturisers also help to smooth the skin, minimising the appearance of ingrown hairs. Wear loose clothing whenever possible, especially on those areas of the body prone to ingrown hairs. This prevents the skin from becoming irritated, which can force the hair below the surface of the skin.
Avoid bathing in water that is too hot as this causes an excess production of keratin (a natural fibrous protein of the skin) that builds up around the hair follicles.

Tips for exfoliating

Mix 1 cup of body moisturising cream with two tablespoons of sea salt and one tablespoon of honey until you obtain a homogeneous paste. Before applying the paste, massage the area with a natural loofah with gentle circular movements. Soak a towel in warm camomile tea and apply onto the affected area for 5 minutes (this helps to open the pores). Apply the exfoliating mixture using light circular movements. Wash the area well with warm water and a neutral soap. Finally, apply a layer of oil-free moisturiser.

Tips for maximising waxing results


One week before waxing, gently massage your skin using a delicate moisturiser to smooth the skin and bring the hairs closer to the surface. Approximately 20 minutes before waxing take a warm bath to open the pores; alternatively use a specifically designed pre-waxing product which will help to calm the skin and soften the hairs.
It is extremely important to clean the skin properly before extracting the hair.
Avoid waxing your face if you are undergoing dermatological treatment or any treatment that uses acids or other products which promote cell renewal.
Avoid waxing during your menstrual cycle, as during this period hormonal changes occur which make womens bodies more sensitive.
Avoid waxing if you have rashes, skin irritations or any other skin anomaly.


To remove all wax residues, use specialised wax removal products, which have antiseptic properties and can help avoid infections.
Moisturising creams are not advisable after waxing as these can obstruct the open pores leading to ingrown hairs or infections. Oil-free gels or lotions will help calm the irritation and tone the skin.
Avoid sunbathing after waxing, as waxing exfoliates the top layers of the skin leaving it more vulnerable to the sun and thus more prone to dark spots. Should you still wish to sunbathe, apply a Factor 15 sunscreen?
Avoid using deodorants which contain alcohol after waxing these can cause irritations and dark skin spots.
Avoid tight clothing.
Men who wax their chest might notice that the skin might be irritated after the first few sessions. This can happen to any skin type using any type of wax. We recommend exfoliating to prevent these skin irritations.


The Brazilian Wax is much more than a typical salon. Its a culture. We love what we do and it shows. Our beauticians are highly qualified professionals who have been trained to meet all your needs.
Visit us and see yourself how different a waxing experience can be. Our wax is gentler to the skin providing you with a less painful and long-lasting. One visit and you will see: it's the best wax you'll ever have. Come and see for your self!

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