Scientists at Tyumen State University have discovered a universal natural antibiotic that overcomes the resistance of pathogens to drugs.

Scientists searched for natural antibiotics that can fight microorganisms with multi-drug resistant (MDR) or absolute (extreme-drug resistant, XDR) resistance to antibiotics available on the market

The peptide emericillipsin-A isolated from the alkalophilic mycelial fungus Emericellopsis alkalina has the unique ability to inhibit the ability of bacteria to form biofilms, making the resistance of these pathogens to antibiotics disappea

The primary therapeutic feature of the studied substance is the versatility of the effect. Not only MDR and XDR forms of bacteria are defenceless against emericillipsin A, but also practically any pathogenic eukaryotes, for example, mycelial fungi and yeast.

“Emericillipsin-A acts on eukaryotes as well as prokaryotes through different molecular mechanisms. Eukaryotes – fungi and tumour cells – die due to the destruction of their cell membrane by the peptide. Further, prevention of biofilms formation suppresses the virulence of prokaryotes”

Emericillipsin-A will fight tumours. Besides, it will defeat all kinds of bacterial and fungal infections. Therapy can be carried out either by injection or topically by direct treatment of the affected tissue.