Anti-obesity program

Written by Anatoli Silajev January 23, 2022

Researchers carried out numerous studies studying the effect of excess weight on human health. They found that more than 90% of known diseases occurred because of obesity. So, overweight people are three times more likely to have cardiovascular diseases. 80% of obese patients have concomitant insulin-dependent diabetes. Almost all obese patients have problems with the locomotor system apparatus. The anti-obesity program, which includes colonic hydrotherapy or bowel cleansing, will eliminate the disease and related issues.

Besides, obesity in women increases the risk of breast cancer, causes problems with ovulation. Obesity in women significantly reduces getting pregnant or having a healthy child. Obesity in men also indicates stagnation in the pelvic organs. It particularly relates to the abdominal type, when the shape of the body resembles an apple. That can lead to an increase in the prostate gland.

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Being overweight in men leads to a higher risk of developing prostate cancer. Obesity in men leads to prostatic hypertrophy even at a young age. Therefore, the potency significantly reduces. Subsequently, it can severely complicate family relationships. The anti-obesity program will help both women and men cope with the disease.

Even such "banal" seasonal diseases as SARS and influenza occur in patients with obesity much harder, with a higher risk of complications and require more prolonged and more severe treatment. It associates with a decrease in the function of the immune system in obese people. In turn, it "directs all its reserves to the fight against the formation of cholesterol plaques in blood vessels."

The help of specialists in the anti-obesity program

As the practice of nutritionists shows, patients begin an ongoing fight against obesity only when their excess weight exceeds normal by 40-99%, which corresponds to grade 3 obesity. If overweight was not very disturbing before, then with third-degree obesity, negative symptoms appear. They include shortness of breath even with minimal exertion, pain in the heart and rapid heartbeat, interruptions in the work of the heart, pain in the spine and joints etc.


All this makes people think seriously about health, the primary cause of all the ailments that have arisen and treatment. It is also worth noting that third-degree obesity easily and quickly turns into fourth-degree obesity with all the ensuing consequences.

For the successful treatment of obesity, forced and oral detoxification and their combination are necessary. Obesity is not just extra weight nor the only accumulation of excess fat. This phenomenon is also associated with various harmful and poisonous substances in our bodies. Moreover, we must carefully and wisely remove those from the body in our firm opinion. Thanks to that and the bowel cleansing procedure, we're allowing the body to recover. A great way to rid the body of toxins is - colonic hydrotherapy. The anti-obesity program includes this procedure.

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