With Gilly Arbukle

Unfortunately, it often happens that infectious diseases transmitted by a person, particularly the coronavirus COVID-19, do not pass without a trace for the body and can have long-term consequences.

Initial osteopathic treatment and consultation

Initial osteopathic treatment aims to reduce tension and restrictions, restore balance, and reduce pain or stiffness symptoms. The appointment includes a consultation and lasts forty minutes.

Now, during a pandemic, we are increasingly faced with situations where patients need the help of doctors even after recovery.

The fact is that coronavirus, influenza and some SARS can cause serious complications, cause permanent changes in the human body, significantly reduce the quality of life and performance.

Why is this happening?

Coronavirus COVID-19 is especially insidious because it can affect the respiratory system and the cardiovascular and nervous systems, immunity, blood-forming organ,s and the gastrointestinal tract.

However, modern medicine has a whole range of measures and techniques aimed at alleviating the condition of such patients and returning them to everyday life as soon as possible.

Osteopathy has already established itself as an effective way to eliminate many of the unpleasant consequences of coronavirus infection.

What are the results of osteopathic treatment of post-covid syndrome?

Why is osteopathy the best choice for post-COVID-19 rehabilitation?

Osteopathy after COVID-19 at Parkland Natural Health Clinic.