How does osteopathy cope with the post -COVID syndrome?

activate the processes of regeneration and adaptation, and create conditions for the restoration of damaged organs and systems.

Mainly, the goal of osteopathic treatment of the consequences of viral infections is to awaken the hidden reserves of the body,

Our osteopath will implement the best treatment plan for you and your body.

Initial osteopathic treatment aims to reduce tension and restrictions, restore balance, and reduce pain or stiffness symptoms. The appointment includes a consultation and lasts forty minutes.

Therefore, a person must consult an osteopath within the first two months after suffering COVID-19. There are much more chances to use the body’s ability to self-correct successfully in this case.

What awaits a patient who has had a coronavirus at an appointment with an osteopath?

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An osteopathic doctor approaches each patient individually because each human’s body is unique.

The osteopath will analyse the complaints, assess the degree of respiratory failure, correct posture, and overall stress level, then examine the body using manual methods.

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It will identify problem areas: stiffness, areas of excessive tension, swelling, highlight temperature zones on the skin. The doctor will conclude which systems need correction and select the necessary osteopathic manipulations to solve the identified problems.

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The osteopath will determine how many sessions are required to restore the body. In some cases, one appointment is enough, and sometimes several visits are required. In addition, the doctor may assign a set of exercises for patients that they will need to perform independently.

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An essential advantage of osteopathic techniques is that they allow you to eliminate the root cause of the disease and not just "extinguish" the symptoms. Osteopathy approaches human health comprehensively and harmonises the processes in separate organs and the body to achieve the optimal therapeutic effect.

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Why is osteopathy the best choice for post-COVID-19 rehabilitation?

Osteopathy after COVID-19 at Parkland Natural Health Clinic.