With what consequences of coronavirus does an osteopath work?

The list of negative manifestations that a person who has had a coronavirus may encounter is extensive.

Follow up osteopathic treatment

Osteopathic treatment aims to reduce tension and restrictions, thereby restoring balance and reducing symptoms of pain or stiffness. This appointment will last forty minutes.

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Of course, osteopathic doctors are not magicians, and they do not perform miracles. However, osteopathy successfully copes with most of the symptoms of post-covid syndrome!


– residual cough – dyspnea – feeling of breathlessness – joint and muscle pain – neck and chest pain – asthenia (attacks of weakness, increased fatigue) – insomnia or drowsiness – decreased ability to remember – depression and apathy – a feeling of breathlessness – an increase in blood pressure or its excessive decrease – disorders in the digestive tract – exacerbation of chronic diseases – menstrual irregularities in women

What are the results of osteopathic treatment of post-covid syndrome?

Why is osteopathy the best choice for post-COVID-19 rehabilitation?

Osteopathy after COVID-19 at Parkland Natural Health Clinic.