What are the results of osteopathic treatment of post-covid syndrome?

How can an osteopath help patients who have had COVID-19?

Our osteopath will implement the best treatment plan for you and your body.

Initial osteopathic treatment aims to reduce tension and restrictions, restore balance, and reduce pain or stiffness symptoms. The appointment includes a consultation and lasts forty minutes.

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– improve general condition, increase vitality;

– stimulate blood circulation and lymph flow;

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– speed up metabolic processes;

– stabilise blood pressure and pulse;

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– increase the volume of the lungs, and, therefore, the oxygen content in the blood;

– prevent the development of pneumofibrosis - a process in the lungs in which connective tissue replaces normal;

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– stop adhesions in the body;

– restore the functions of the central nervous system;

– normalise digestion;

– restore functionality;

– increase stamina.

Why is osteopathy the best choice for post-COVID-19 rehabilitation?

Osteopathy after COVID-19 at Parkland Natural Health Clinic.