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I felt very comfortable during the treatment and my practitioner helped to get the best result with manipulation. I was thrilled with the results and ...*

I booked for some waxing. The therapist was lovely. Very professional, quick and friendly. I will certainly return. Thank you ...*

Excellent service the people are very professional and knowledgeable. You will get a good explanation about the procedure. Establishment is very clean...*

best wax quality I've seen!...*

Antony was great - his recommendation on using an alkalising treatment worked like magic- felt immensely better after 3 sessions. Also recommend the l...*

Parkland Natural Health Clinic reviews

Parkland Natural Health Clinic reviews


Our clinic is conveniently based in Central London, and we specialize in the osteopathic treatment of musculoskeletal pain. Our clinic has been proven, through decades of experience, to provide the most exemplary treatment of osteopathic care for people throughout London and surrounding areas.
When someone visits one of our places, that person is generally in pain and looking for a way to feel better. The osteopaths at our clinic make it their number one priority to not only alleviate that pain, but they do so by using their hands-on expertise and extensive knowledge so that the client is completely satisfied before leaving the office. 
Our osteopaths will use hands-on, scans and any other diagnostics in order to properly diagnose the pain. After diagnosis, the osteopath will implement the best treatment plan for you and your body. The treatment plan will allow for you to be pain-free in the most logical and stress-free way possible.
The osteopaths at our clinic are experienced in a variety of techniques and procedures. The techniques and procedures that we use help improve movements in joint, as well as alleviate pain that is related to all movements.
The osteopaths are trained in cranial osteopathy as well. The techniques that they use release tension and tension patterns that are held within the body. The treatments and techniques can be used to help adults, children, toddlers, infants and even expecting mothers, so they are non-invasive and extremely safe.
Osteopathy is not only meant as a treatment for pain, but it can also be used to help the body function better. The osteopaths at our clinic will ensure that you body’s self-healing capabilities improve, and they will work hard to help you improve your health and happiness.
At our clinic, we believe that each patient needs a regime that is suited to his/her needs. We work hard to provide a plan that is going to fit each individual, and we also have other healthcare providers that we refer to, as needed.
If you need our services, we will do our best to get you an appointment with one of our osteopaths that day, and the appointment will be at our most convenient London osteopathy clinic to you.

Osteopathy in the centre of London

Osteopathy in the centre of London

Osteopathic treatment aims to reduce tension and restrictions thereby restoring balance and reducing symptoms of pain or stiffness. 40 minutes



More Info Osteopathy in the centre of London

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