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The session was very professional. Everthing was explained properly.

I cannot recommend Gilly's treatments highly enough! He is so knowledgable and attentive to the smallest changes. His questions help me probe deeper into the causes of the problems I  bring to him. He is sensitive and strong in his hands on work, and is able to advise on preventative stratagies moving forward. I now have a series of easy exercises to do at home that really work. They have helped to maintain the wonderful sense of well-being I get from his treatments. It's such a relief to have found a way around the ongoing back problems that had plagued me for years. Now I go back for maintenance and top up treatments, just for the realignment and sense of well-being. I would rather see Gilly than get a traditional massage: it feels just as good but the effects last so much longer.

Gilly is a brilliant osteopath. He’s knowledgeable, sensitive, profession and incredibly skilled. I highly recommend.

As a professional dancer I get quite a few sports injuries and I feel so lucky to have found Gilly, who manages to fix me every time! I recently had a rotator cuff injury which he fixed in one treatment. I was delighted! From agony and not being able to move my arm, to total freedom within 24 hours. Miraculous!

Great service! Very helpful.

always a great experience. Anatoli is professional and very experienced

Great service! Felt really relaxed and the place was spotless. Would definitely recommend to others.

I was very happy with the service provided.

I had a great first time experience in Parkland Natural Health colonic cleanse. There are not that many places who offer a bicarbonate soda cleanse which was very helpful in getting my candida under control. The lady gave me advice and evaluated my condition and now I know exactly how to go on. The best thing about this was that I didn't crave anything and was able to transition into a sugar free candida diet easily. Highly recommended if you'd like to reset your food addictions and start with a clean slate and healthy eating without cravings.

Very clean and profesional enviroment, well aducated staff. Procedure was painless, I could see health improvements in few days. I would highly recommend it.

Antoni found what not even a week in hospital could find in my body! And it's because of the Body scan that I was able to address difficult health problems that had made my life so hard. I am slowly recovering now and so happy. I cannot thank him enough and cannot recommend the Body Scan enough if you have issues that no doctor can solve! Thank you Antoni.

I have been coming here for ages. I started off with the basic colonics which helped me a lot with my digestion. Then I started doing the varioius colonics with implants depending on my needs all with fantastic results. I am now very impressed by the Probiotic implant & colonic option. The latter has doubled the effect of a healthy digestive system. I don't bloat anymore even if I eat bad for a while

Great place, Andreia is very proffesional and I've been enjoying my massages very much!
Thank you!

Anatoli is very knowledgeable and professional. He made me feel very comfortable. The spotless place with nice relaxing music.

Went twice in 2 weeks! Great professional service in calm environment. After trying bicarbonate of soda colonics I felt so clear inside and literally all my food cravings disaappeared! Really amazed by this treatment and would recommend to everyone

I was impressed with the treatment at Parkland Health Clinic. The colonic practitioner was very experienced and talked through what to expect calmly and efficiently, which made me feel comfortable. The treatment went smoothly. I experienced slight discomfort during the procedure, and bloating afterwards, but this subsided (and the practitioner told me this was normal). A week later my digestion is noticeably improved.

Great colonics, excellent customer service I have used the Parklan Natural Health for a several years. I have had colonics all over the country as I travel for business constantly. This establishment is friendly, well run and professional. All the therapists are excellent. I've recomended this service to several friends and associates and they all have been more than satisfied. Very professional service. Highly recommend

the service was great and the therapist was lovely. I was kept very calm during the process and I felt great after.

Truly helpful Five years ago I was in a very poor state of health, including extreme nervousness, insomnia and a long-term outbreak of rosacea on my face. After several visits for treatments including colon hydrotherapy and shankaprakshalana, my overall health improved greatly and the symptoms above disappeared. The staff were and are very professional, friendly and attentive. I visit the centre regularly and recommend them to my friends all the time. Great place, professional staff, highly recommended!!!

I had a colonic on Saturday with Ludmila. I had a face rash for more than a month, which almost cleared up after the session. I strongly recommend this clinic. Ludmila is such a lovely person, she's very professional, knows what she is doing and she's so easy going, made my stress about the procedure go away in a few minutes :) see you soon!

Great experience and very professional service. Antony is very experienced and he knos exactly how to use the LPG well. Highly recommended !

I love it here. So knowledgeable and un-awkward... a breeze

Great place to go for colonics. High standard - very professional.

Very  high professional  staff

Great job!

Great service and helpful on things to do to improve your health. This is my second time to go back for a series of 3 colonics.

The treatments are fantastic and the therapist explains the process clearly - I always feel better afterwards.

Thank you Anatoli.  Today's treatment was very successful.  Thank you for your kind, respectful and professional help.

A few years ago Anatoli help me with some constipation problems and Ive never looked back. Had many colonics with him and he's knowledgeable and super proffesional.
Going back soon for another treatment.

Great experience. Almost no discomfort. I will definitely do it regularly to detox. Highly recommended.

Great experience, highly recommend !

Great place, professional staff, highly recommended!!!

I had an anti-candida colonics and the effects. Chronique fatigue, gas, itchiness and cravings disappeared. My complexion is a lot brighter too. I recommend it.

Outstanding service and well taken care of

Great service, will be using again shortly. highly recommend!

I had my neck lift only 3 days ago. Already I'm seeing a big big difference Olena is very good. I had a question to ask her she got straight back to me  i'm seeing a big difference already  money well spent I will be booking up again with Olena for something else in the future. Top marks to Olena she has give me my confidence back again. And that's only after 3 days.  

A really good experience with a professional clinician. Would definitely recommend.

I booked an appointment at the Wellness-Studio with some trepidation. Men in their 60s down usually start waxing of their intimate areas! However, I found the experience highly professional and strangely relaxing. The end product was fantastic and I fully expect to keep up the waxing visits every 6 weeks or so

THE BEST IN LONDON! This was by far the best place I have been for a colonic over the number of years I have had them for health reasons. Both practitioners were so so knowledgeable and so helpful. Annoyingly I had booked a second one at a totally different clinic to see the difference and I cant tell you the bad experience I had. So for my third I came straight back here. Easy booking. Easy to get to and the most lovely down to earth people. I felt safe, respected and cared for which was so important after the experience elsewhere. DONT GO ANYWHERE ELSE!

Going to Parkland Natural Health every month has made an amazing change in my life. Talking with Anatoli, the owner of Parkland Natural Health, about the benefits of colonics has really helped me understand what I am doing. We usually end up in the best conversations concerning our bodies. Our conversations revolve around digestion, food, health and more. I never have to worry about not understanding a certain issue, as he always makes the time to answer any questions or concerns that I have. Not only that, he offers me healthy recipes that are very beneficial to my overall well-being. With such a pleasant atmosphere and clean office and colonic rooms, I know that I am in safe hands

The treatment I received from Anthony was very comfortable and throughout I was very much at ease.  I am happy to say I will return and book further treatments.  Overall the last treatment proved successful.

I was seeing a very expensive and highly reputed doctor for years with almost no progress before my friend recommended Anatoli to me. Im so glad that he did! With my health issues I have spent so much effort trying to sort them out with the wrong doctors. He has been a life-saver to me, as he really understands his business and is extremely professional and courteous every time that I see him. The treatments I have been receiving are making a huge difference and I now know how to better take care of myself in the future after taking advice from Anatoli

Great service very professional and informative. Will be going there again and again.

Excellent service & knowledge

I felt very comfortable during the treatment and my practitioner helped to get the best result with manipulation. I was thrilled with the results and have booked for a second foliow up treatment, thank you!

I booked for some waxing. The therapist was lovely. Very professional, quick and friendly. I will certainly return. Thank you

Excellent service the people are very professional and knowledgeable. You will get a good explanation about the procedure. Establishment is very clean and session is really tailored to your needs.

I'm 1 week on from my first ever colonic. Many thoughts on my experience but will be different for everyone.
The therapist and venue are great. Anthony was very reassuring, knowledgeable, informative and made the experience much more pleasant than expected.
The treatment was not painful but the abdominal 'massage' was excruciating for me.
Afterwards I felt terrible. My stomach was enormous and I had to keep rushing to the loo every 20-40 mins for about 6 hrs after.
Next day I felt OK but not quite right still.
1 week later I've had some IBS flare ups but seem a little better than before the colonic so hope it's started to do something.
I'd recommend the venue if you feel you need to try it.

best wax quality I've seen!

Antony was great - his recommendation on using an alkalising treatment worked like magic- felt immensely better after 3 sessions. Also recommend the liver cleansing add on - aids digestion like nothing else. Very respectful and well serviced local practice. Highly recommend it.*

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