Chemical peel face, neck & decolletage

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Mandelic acid chemical peel for face, neck and decolletage is a delicate remove for more sensitive skin, which does not lead to pigmentation compared to most other procedures.
We recommend more intensive treatments for people who never tried a peel before. It is also popular with teenagers.

Our top-rated Mandelic acid chemical peel for face, neck and decolletage offers mild yet effective exfoliation.

A chemical peel is a skin resurfacing procedure that uses a chemical solution to improve the appearance of the skin. It treats various skin issues, including acne, rosacea, pigmentation, and aged skin. During the treatment, a practitioner applies a chemical solution to the skin. That causes the top layers to peel off, revealing smoother, brighter, healthier skin beneath. The treatment also stimulates collagen production, which helps reduce wrinkles, fine lines, and scars. After the treatment, we apply a soothing post-chemical peel gel mask and moisturizer to the skin. That provides hydration and protection. Red LED therapy may also further reduce inflammation and promote healing.


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