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Professional colon cleanseProfessional colon cleanse.

Colon cleanse is a safe and effective cleansing of the body under the guidance of an experienced gastroenterologist. Excellent results after the first session. The best equipment, a unique author's technique with the application of related health procedures.
If we are asked to list the vital organs of the human body, we will call the heart, brain, liver, kidneys, and most likely, we will not remember about the intestine in the first place. And this is quite understandable because most of the intestinal diseases are not fatal and are amenable to treatment. And yet, do not underestimate the role of this body.
The fact that in the healthy intestine there are many physiological processes necessary for the harmonious work of all organs and systems of the body: digestion of food and absorption of nutrients, evacuation of the products of vital activity, the development of certain vitamins, hormones that regulate the digestive and other systems. The intestine is a neurohumoral organ, its work directly depends on the psycho-emotional state, susceptibility to stress. In addition, the intestine is rich in immune cells, they are necessary to protect against viruses, bacteria and allergens that enter the digestive tract along with food.

The procedure for colon cleanse.

Often, it is the malfunctioning of the intestines that are the root cause of a wide variety of diseases. Colon cleanses will help restore the body.
The bowel stops functioning correctly for a number of reasons, including lack of a diet, unhealthy food, a sedentary lifestyle, bad habits.
The general ecological situation in the modern world and the constant impact of stress also adversely affect the work of the gastrointestinal tract.
Flatulence, irregular toilet rides, a feeling of heaviness in the abdomen, skin problems, bad breath, chronic fatigue syndrome - all these are symptoms that speak of bowel disturbances, and as a consequence - metabolic disorders in the body, which, sooner or later, will lead to the development of numerous diseases.
There are many ways to colon cleanse. All of them have different efficiency and have their advantages and disadvantages. It should be remembered that even the most seemingly innocuous technique can have side effects and contraindications, so the choice of the purification procedure must be agreed with the doctor.
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16% off

Mini Detox PLUS - 3 Colonics including minerals, probiotic & herbal implant

The ideal pattern of colonic treatments includes three alkalising colon hydrotherapy treatments with sodium bicarbonate, one anti-parasitic implant on the first treatment, one liver and gall bladder stimulating herbal implant on the second treatment, and high strength probiotic implant on the third colonic.

Holborn, London
5 5

£334.00 or £281.00 if booked on-line

281 GBP

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21% off

The Ultimate Slimming Solution - Sequence of sixteen colonic irrigations

An intensive sequence of sixteen colon hydrotherapy sessions taken over five weeks prepares the body to lose toxic fluid fat. Includes consultation and nutrition advice.

Holborn, London
5 1

£1 344.00 or £1 062.00 if booked on-line

1062 GBP

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19% off

The Four Seasons - Package of ten colonic irrigations

Ten colonic hydrotherapy sessions to fully cleanse your colon and maintain your health throughout the year. Includes initial consultation with a certified specialist.

Holborn, London
5 4

£840.00 or £680.00 if booked on-line

680 GBP

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18% off

The Spring Cleanse - a series of Six colonic irrigations

series of Six colonic sessions to fully cleanse your colon. Only disposable accessories and Closed colon hydrotherapy system. Includes initial consultation.

Holborn, London
5 2

£504.00 or £413.00 if booked on-line

413 GBP

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16% off

Mini Detox - Course of three Colonic Irrigations in London

An intensive course of three colon cleanses taken over one week to kick start a detox cleansing regime. Includes initial consultation. Best offer of closed system colonic hydrotherapy in London.

Holborn, London
5 5

£252.00 or £212.00 if booked on-line

212 GBP

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25% off

Intravenous infusion (detox, re-hydration, well-being)

Due to stress, tiredness, recurrent infections, poor quality fruit and vegetables, diet of fast food, complex digestive disorders and high intake of alcohol, it is essential to balance our diet with vitamins and mineral supplements.
Chiswick, London

£200.00 or £150.00 if booked on-line

150 GBP

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