Endermo Draining lipomassage for tired legs

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Endermo Draining lipomassage for tired legs clears away unhealthy tissue congestion, boosts micro-circulation and reduces swelling in ankles. Moreover, Lipomassage by LPG Endermologie is an extremely powerful massage treatment for the legs and buttocks. For instance, it aids the breakdown of cellulite and the removal of toxic fluid in the skin's tissues. Firstly, Endermo Draining lipomassage for tired legs in our London clinic eliminates unhealthy accumulations of tissues. Secondly, it increases microcirculation and reduces swelling of the ankles. Besides, Lipomassage LPG Endermologie is an extremely powerful massage for thighs and buttocks. Therefore, it helps break down cellulite and remove toxic fluids from skin tissue. Thanks to the different settings of the newly patented handpiece, the endermologie technology helps to activate the functions of the body's excretory system. In addition, it improves blood circulation rates by three times. Besides, it reduces the signs of water retention in the body. This is the only natural non-invasive and non-aggressive method of mechanical stimulation of the skin, which activates the processes in the cells. Symptoms such as heaviness and pain in the legs or swelling of the legs and ankles are the result of poor blood and lymph circulation. Toxins accumulated in the body cause weight fluctuations during the day and throughout the woman's menstrual cycle. What is the reason for this? Standing or sedentary lifestyles, a sodium-rich diet, tight clothing, or even high temperatures can interfere with the proper functioning of the circulatory system.

Endermo Draining lipomassage with a new sensor for tired legs

The new sensor adapts the stimulation for each individual skin type, achieving the optimal intensity of exposure and gentle impact on the skin. The Endermo Draining lipomassage for tired legs in our London clinic is carried out by professionals using the most modern equipment. The new patented LPG handpiece combines a roller and a motorised wing placed in an aspiration chamber. Their simultaneous impact provides deep stimulation and mobilisation of processes in the tissues. This combination provides a comprehensive effect to run several physiological processes simultaneously. A feeling of comfort immediately appears after the first session of Endermo Draining lipomassage for tired legs. The ankles become graceful, the sense of lightness in the legs appears, and their natural shape is quickly restored. This drainage of the legs is useful and pleasant and can be recommended for pregnant women. 20 minutes  


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Because Lipomassage increases blood flow by up to 400%, some conditions may be exacerbated, or some organs over-burdened upon treatment. For this reason, we cannot treat those diagnosed with the following conditions:

  1. Thrombosis, and/or taking prescribed blood thinners
  2. Progressive, infectious illnesses such as AIDS, etc.
  3. Cancer or malignant tumors within the past five years
  4. Heart disease
  5. Acute infections or inflammation
  6. Respiratory disease
  7. Kidney failure
  8. Hepatitis
  9. Diabetes
  10. Circulatory conditions within the past two years after Lipomassage


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