Digestive system

We must take the health of the digestive system very seriously
Female Digestive System

We must take the health of the digestive system very seriously. If it does not function properly, we will never get the nutrients that the body needs and the number of health problems will only increase. Nevertheless, a tense lifestyle leads to us consciously or unconsciously to ignore the recommendations of doctors and exacerbate health problems.
There has been a worldwide increase in the number of people affected by digestive disorders. Almost every person on our planet had some disturbances in the activity of the gastrointestinal tract.
It is a rule that medicines do not help to improve digestion. Therefore, before we look at the ways of treating diseases of the digestive system, we will talk about how to prevent them.

Digestive system and dietary rules

Good quality nutrition is vital for the gastrointestinal tract. To improve eating habits, we must adhere to the following basic standards:

  • Consume liquids for 15-30 minutes before or 2-4 hours after meals, depending on the foods eaten;
  • Consider the right combination of products;
  • Manage moderate servings of food. You can not eat until you feel full. We must leave the table with a feel of light hunger.
  • Use fresh products. It is advisable to eat food immediately after cooking it.
  • During one meal we cannot eat many different dishes. It will be difficult to digest them since each product requires its specific enzyme.
  • Consume alternating products. It is impossible continuously to eat the same product or the same dish for a long time. Taking breaks in the consumption of the same type of food is advisable.
  • Learn how to get maximum pleasure from eating. When eating, we should do not read, watch TV, argue, conduct unpleasant conversations. Good mood, beautifully decorated dishes and table improve digestion in the gastrointestinal tract.
  • We should not worry or rush while eating.

A healthy diet is essential.

It is better to eat every day at the same time, 4-5 times by small portions: this makes it easier for our body to digest food. Do not eat too cold or too hot food. Only eat if you are hungry. If in doubt, eat or not eat, it is better not to eat. In the evening, it is advisable to eat no later than 7-8 hours and at least 2 hours before bedtime. Even having a snack on the go, you should chew it very carefully. Sitting at the table, do not eat all the food too fast, even if you are starving. Pause while eating. Try to eat in a company of pleasant people and remember that the best seasoning for food is a joke and a friendly conversation.

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