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Healthy skin always has a pleasant colour
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When people get older, they pay less attention to the condition of their skin. We forget about the importance of sleep and rest. Meanwhile, we begin valuing our free time more than our health due to work. To reduce stress, people often overeat, drink too much coffee and black tea, drink alcohol and smoke. As a result, all of those incredibly unhealthy habits negatively impact both the surface and the whole body.

Additionally, for those who go on holidays to tropical countries, chlorinated pool water, climate differences, and getting a tan on sunbeds are also detrimental to the skin’s condition. The previously listed factors all lead to increasing the rate at which the surface ages. Moreover, they make it unsightly at an early age. Anyone can maintain the whole body and the surface in a healthy state by preventing these causes.

The surface of face and body: condition and care

It is necessary to care for the skin from the outside and the inside. Likewise, it is essential to keep nutritional and hydration factors at the right level. These two vital factors determine our state of health. The skin of a healthy person will always recover faster than the surface of someone who has accumulated a wide range of diseases.

Healthy skin always has a soft colour without any earthy, pale and grey hues. It would also feel smooth and elastic, with the right tone and devoid of acne, comedones, pigment spots and unsightly wrinkles. Healthy skin is also unlikely to have redness, dryness, and flaking.
The most common methods of skincare are moisturising, nourishment, and protection against filth.

Different skin thickness covers different parts of the body, meaning not all parts require the same amount of care. Purifying agents contain beneficial substances like herbal extracts, grounded plant material, antiseptics and essential oils, which remove dead cells, prevent certain conditions and much more.

Moisturising creams, dairy products, and specialised lotions contain components that moisturise and soften the surface. Consequently, that prevents dryness, irritation, and explicit skin shedding (desquamation).
Physical exercises, which significantly improve blood circulation throughout the body, increase the supply of nutrients to the surface to freshen it. The most problematic areas of the skin are the hips, the belly, and the whole backside.

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