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A single session of the Buttocks laser hair removal lasts thirty minutes and costs one hundred pounds. In addition, six Ellipse IPL permanent hair reduction sessions of the buttocks are available as an upgrade. It costs just four hundred pounds in the salon.
Are you tired of the constant waxing, shaving, and tweezing of your buttocks? Do you want to get rid of the hair once and for all? has the perfect solution for you: Buttocks Laser Hair Removal.
This revolutionary treatment will permanently reduce the amount of hair on your buttocks, giving you the smooth and hair-free look you’ve always wanted. The laser energy precisely targets the hair follicles, safely and effectively disabling them and preventing new hair growth.
The laser technology is exact and gentle, meaning it won’t damage the delicate skin on your buttocks. Plus, it’s a quick process – you’ll be in and out of the studio in less than an hour. The treatment is also virtually painless, so you can rest assured that you’ll be comfortable throughout.
At, we understand that everyone’s body is different, so we tailor the treatment to your needs. Our highly trained professionals will assess your skin and hair types before creating a bespoke treatment plan.
Book your Buttocks Laser Hair Removal treatment today and say goodbye to unwanted hair for good. You’ll get smooth, hair-free buttocks and newfound confidence.


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Before treatment

Laser Hair Removal with Diode Ice Tri-Wave requires patch test
Treatment range.
These may include the face, neck, chest, back, hands, arms, legs and feet.

Before your first laser hair removal treatment, you'll have a consultation and patch test at our Chiswick facilities.

The patch test is required.

You must trim the hair within twenty-four hours Before treatment.

It's important to avoid waxing, plucking, epilating or bleaching between treatments.

The treatment

We care about your comfort during treatment and will do our best to make the whole process relaxing.

Laser hair removal targets the hair follicle using brief pulses of light energy. The melanin in the hair follicle absorbs the laser light, which prevents any regrowth from happening in the future. Besides, the process is entirely safe and leaves the surrounding tissue unharmed.

After Laser Hair Removal

We will also give you tailored aftercare advice to your specific skin needs. You will leave our spa perfectly relaxed and able to immediately continue with your day, looking forward to your subsequent treatment.

Each hair has its own growth cycle, so it may take several treatments to remove all of the hair. Besides, the active hairs will start to fall out within two weeks.

We usually recommend spacing the course of hair removal treatments at four- to eight-week intervals, depending on which area we treat.

The patch test is required.

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Mr Hazem Rashwan

Hazem Rashwan Diode Tri-Wave Laser Therapist Hazem is an experienced Level 4 Laser Hair Removal & Skin Rejuvenation Specialist who is dedicated to helping his clients permanently and almost painlessly remove an unwanted facial/body hair. He is courteous, professional & patient-therapist with good sense of humour who is always happy to give honest advice, make his clients comfortable and at ease. Hazem is fully insured with Hamilton & Fraser Insurance company and takes the safety and confidentiality of his clients to the highest level.

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