Chemical peel for face and neck

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Chemical peel for face and neck is an effective treatment to reduce the appearance of the sun, age, pregnancy and acne-related hyperpigmentation by gently removing the outer layer of the facial skin. Further, it rebuilds itself anew. Peels are also useful in skin rejuvenation and brightening, reducing superficial acne scarring, particularly whiteheads and blackheads. Besides, this kind of facials improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and skin clarity.

A chemical peel removes the outermost layer of the facial skin

Depending on skin condition and desired outcome, a few sessions may be required. Chemical peels could be used on face, neck, decolletage, hand and other body areas. At Aesthetic & Wellness, we offer a range of chemical peels from mild to moderate strength to suit the individual needs of a client. The old skin peels off and new growth in its place over the next one to fourteen days. However, the speed of the process depends on types of peel and layers applied and how deeply the chemical penetrated. Chemical peel session may last up to thirty minutes.


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Aesthetic Practitioner Olena is a registered nurse and has a true passion for working in the field of non-surgical aesthetics and takes pride in professional and honest approach, and works with a no hard selling ethos. She is an Advanced Practitioner for botulinum toxin A, PDO thread lifting, mesotherapy, chemical peels, PRP and a variety of dermal fillers and therefore able to offer an individualised therapy regime tailored to specific needs and requests. As an Independent Nurse Prescriber Olena is registered with the Nursing and Midwifery council and insured through Hamilton and Fraser Insurance company and has received full training in the products she prescribes and uses

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