Natural Facelift Massage – six sessions

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It is a package of six sessions of Natural Facelift Massages. Each session lasts for one hour. Natural FaceLift Massage is a gentle as well as a non-invasive approach to looking younger. Moreover, the benefits are many and all without surgery! Besides, the results that you may notice will impress you. Facial Rejuvenation incorporates a unique blend of highly effective techniques. They originate from Indian Face Massage. You might also know it as Facial Rejuvenation or the Natural Facelift – a facelift without surgery. Three sessions of Natural Facelift Massages may also include complementary techniques from Japanese Facial Massage. Your therapist will use deeper pressure to loosen tight facial muscles giving a much more effective treatment producing the effect of a natural face-lift, without the insertion of needles.


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