Acupuncture single treatment – 45 minutes

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Your first visit requires an initial consultation and a treatment; it usually lasts 45 minutes.
TCM acupuncturist will diagnose based on the collected complete clinical information (including medical history, pulse reading, tongue examination, 'signs and symptoms' information, palpation, etc.).
Individual personalised diagnosis lets practitioners create uniquely personal treatment plans. They include 'the Formula of acupuncture points', possible use of moxa, cupping, guasha or massage manipulation.
We will discuss any aspect of the chosen procedure, including the after-treatment care. Also, you will need to sign the consent forms. 

What does acupuncture include?

The needles sometimes can be stimulated for better therapeutic effect after the needles' insertion, chosen according to the treatment plan.
The retention of needles can take 20-30 minutes. In most cases, we will give recommendations about diet, exercises, and lifestyle to prevent further progress of the existing problems and increase the effectiveness of the natural healing process that follows the acupuncture treatment.
The number of required treatments depends on the condition. So, we will discuss it with you. In most cases, however, it takes several visits.


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