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Acupuncture Single treatment - 45 minutes
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Acupuncture Single treatment - 45 minutes

Your first visit requires an initial consultation and a treatment, it usually lasts 45 minutes.
TCM acupuncturist will make a diagnosis, based on the collected complete clinical information (including medical history, pulse reading, tongue examination, 'signs and symptoms' information, palpation, etc.).
Individual personalised diagnosis let practitioner to create uniquely personal treatment plan (including 'the Formula of acupuncture points', possible use of moxa, cupping, guasha or massage manipulation).
Any aspect of chosen procedure will be discussed including 'the after treatment care', and The Consent forms should be signed by you. 

What does acupuncture include

After the needles insertion, which have been chosen according to the treatment plan, the needles sometimes can be stimulated for better therapeutic effect.
The retention of needles can take 20-30 minutes. In most of the cases the recommendations about diet, exercises and lifestyle will be given in order to prevent further progress of the existing problems and to increase the effectiveness of the natural healing process which follows the acupuncture treatment.
The number of required treatments depends on the condition and will be discussed with you. In most of the cases, however, it takes several visits.

mKbMrw8o_400x400.jpgWelcome, my name is Alex. I am a renowned Nutritional Practitioner and Ayurvedic Health Professional of Functional Medicine. I practice at Parkland Natural Health Clinic in London. 

My field of expertise includes treatment for the following: 
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome 
Irritable Bowel Syndrome (I.B.S.) 
Chronic Constipation 
Parasite Infestations 
Eczema & Psoriasis 
Lymphatic Congestion 
Liver & Gallbladder stones (ailments) 
Digestive Disorders and a variety of other severe health disorders. 

I empathize with people afflicted with health and life-altering maladies. 18 years ago, my health took a turn for the worst when I was plagued with a life-altering auto-immune condition. I remember the date and time clearly. 5th July 2000 at 3 pm. A barrage of attacks on my immune system came suddenly and unexpectedly. This led to a series of doctors consultations and visits to the hospitals. I endured many hours in the hospital undergoing scans, operations and therapies. 

My diagnoses were varied as listed below : 
Chronic Fatigue 
Mortons Neuroma 
Sleep Onset Insomnia 
Aggressive Depression 
Severe digestive disorders 
Acute Asthma 
Lymphatic Congestion 
Tinnitus and 
Perennial Allergies 

I termed my situation as Immedicable Maladies meaning hopelessness. 

My medical condition was the catalyst that fueled my determination to find a cure. I spent hours studying the natural ways of healing and looking for Nutritional therapies to boost my immune system and well being. 
After years of physical investigative self-studies, research and documentation of systemic disease and functional healing of my immune system, more documentation of natural cleanses and therapies plus protocols I made a startling discovery that went initially undetected. I discovered thousands of Intra Hepatic stones ( gallstones) in my liver bile ducts, gallbladder and ampulla. There were masses of Mucoid Plaque in my lower G.I. tract (Intestines). Large numbers of Parasitic Worm Nest Infestations were detected in my intestines. I understood that Candida Albicans can become pathogenic and its association with leaky gut. There were also conjugated bile stones stuck in my large and small intestines. 

Illness did not weaken me. Instead, it made me stronger. Having experienced this painful journey, I am confident in helping others who suffer the same fate. 

I wish to thank the late Andreas Moritz (Ayurveda practitioner) for his assistance and mentoring. I would also like to thank the late Dr Max Gersons research who developed the Gersons Therapy now led by Charlotte Gerson who was introduced through my dear friend Janet. My grateful thanks are also extended to Dr Robert Morse N.D (Master Herbalist) and my lovely family for their sacrifice, patience and support for the past nine years. Most importantly, I wish to thank my all mighty creator for providing spiritual insights that have led to my complete healing restoring my full health and rejuvenation. 

My dear reader, decide to take control of your health by walking through the doors of Parkland Natural Health today! 

I look forward to meeting you soon. 

Yours in the very best of health, 

After two treatments i have seen a difference, and i will certainly continue.

Thank you!

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