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It would seem that the Eye Lift LPG Endermologie treatment for restoring skin cells is a process beyond the control of even modern cosmetology, but this is not so. We propose to take advantage of contemporary technology endermolift, which is explicitly designed for sensitive areas. Further, Eye Lift treatment by LPG Endermologie in our London clinic may allow the person to return the attractiveness and a youthful look.

What is this treatment by LPG Endermologie in London?

It stimulates muscle tissue mechanically and aims to destroy signs of ageing. Besides, the endermolift technique is the only one that allows the skin to restore the structure using its reserves. Another feature of the endermolift is the detox effect, which stimulates the accelerated elimination of toxic waste products. We recommend an endermolift:
  • to improve skin tone and elasticity;
  • for skin recovery after stress and smoking;
  • for the elimination of fat deposits in the face and neck;
  • to reduce wrinkles.
This technique is a favourite among clients because it uses well-proven LPG devices and has common contraindications for machine methods. The main thing is that Eye Lift treatment by LPG Endermologie is beneficial at any age. Moreover, it may provide you with radiant, elastic skin.

The effectiveness of Eye Lift treatment by LPG Endermologie in London

Endermolift is a well-known LPG massage of the face. Moreover, it is a safe, painless and atraumatic method of facelifting. Facial Endermolift involves:
  • elimination of undesirable volume and restoration of facial contours;
  • smoothing mimics wrinkles in the eye area, reducing oedema and eye bags.
Our clinic offers a variety of facial skin rejuvenation methods. Besides, most of them perfectly combine with an Eye Lift LPG Endermologie treatment. For example, lymphatic drainage massage and various aesthetic invasive procedures, such as mesotherapy, combine ideally. What you can get with the face endermolift course:
  • tight skin without wrinkles;
  • healthy and radiant colour;
  • even skin tone;
  • clear oval face.
You will surely enjoy facial Endermolift because it does not require special preparation, is performed on clean and dry skin, and the effect lasts for a year. Eye Lift, LPG Endermologie treatment, may last up to twenty minutes.

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    Diany Bogota

    Great place, Andreia is very proffesional and I’ve been enjoying my massages very much!
    Thank you!

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Liftmassage(endermolift) is very relaxing and pleasurable. It makes you feel simultaneously invigorated and rested after treatment. Besides, the intensity of the laps is programmable. So, the practitioner can customise your session to your unique goals and skin condition.


Unlike Liftmassage, the techniques you mention don't treat ageing skin sources. Moreover, in some cases, electrostimulation, for example, may accentuate expression wrinkles and lines. As you know, face lifting is pretty traumatic for the skin as surgeons detach it, cut and stretch and sometimes move some facial muscles up or behind the face. Also, this procedure requires general anaesthesia (?) and weeks for a total recovery. Injections of botulinum toxin paralyse muscles for a smooth effect but freeze facial expressions, stealing the natural personality of one's face.

HOW? Is Endermolift NATURAL?

Liftmassage is a powerful, non-invasive technique. It naturally enhances skin's youthful potential - without artifice, scalpel or risky and toxic additives. The actual ingredients for a beautiful, youthful appearance are 100% natural because they are in you. Lift technology stimulates your tissues in the precise, needed way. As a result, your re-densified and smooth skin will glow. Moreover, you will restore your youthful appearance without losing natural expression or altered features.


Over time, exposed to the same negative environmental factors as women, men too are affected by the visible signs of ageing. We recommend Liflmassage for men to smooth lines and wrinkles. Reduce a double chin, replenish skin firmness and treat puffy, baggy eyes.

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