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Hair can grow abundantly between the buttocks, as well as directly on the buttocks, depending on the type of hair of each man. Today, every little thing in appearance can affect the impression that we make. The buttock area is complicated to shave, so preference is given to wax hair removal methods. You will be able to get an experience of high-quality waxing hair removal, which is performed by highly skilled practitioners in our clinic in London.Male buttocks waxing allows you to get rid of unwanted hair with a long-lasting effect, and new beeswax compounds help prevent irritation and allergic reactions. We use hot beeswax for buttocks waxing in our London clinic. This technique is as follows. First, we heat the wax, as the temperature of the wax should be about forty degrees Celsius. Then the therapist applies it to the epilated area of ​​the skin according to hair growth with a spatula. Then the therapist abruptly tears off the stiffened wax against the nap. The advantage of hot beeswax is that it helps to open the pores and relax the muscles so that the pain that occurs during the procedure is somewhat reduced.

Features of buttocks waxing for men.

Despite certain similarities between male and female epilations, hair removal on a male body has the following features: Epilation for men is quite painful, because their hair is thick, with deep-set strong roots and denser than women's hair. Although it is worth noting that the structure and hair follicles become weaker due to frequent hair removal, which somewhat facilitates their subsequent removal. Hair removal for men should be carried out a little more often than for women, due to the rather rapid restoration of hair.

Most men prefer professional hair removal to DIY.

The main requirements for a specific method of hair removal that are presented by men are the speed of execution and painlessness, while women prefer more effective ways of epilation. Many men are embarrassed and conscientious about what employees of the salon think about them during the hair removal session.
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Andreia Jurquete

Manager and Director of The Brazilian Wax. She has owned the company and worked in the field for more than 5 years. She received her training in Brazil, a country renowned for high standards and expectations when it comes to beauty treatment. Her vast experience and high volume of clients (more than 1000 a year), along with her thorough and precise waxing technique, ensures that clients will receive a very high standard of waxing.

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