Glycolic Peel 20% – six session

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Glycolic Peel is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive ones. We recommend a course of six for maximum visible results, once a week for six weeks. Further, once a month for maintenance.


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One of the most effective and often used procedures for skin renewal and rejuvenation today is chemical peeling. We also consider it as the elimination of defects and deep wrinkles without surgical intervention. Such peeling is a radical approach. So, it should be done in a specially equipped cosmetologist's office and only if there are serious indications.

In cosmetology, there are three types of peeling. And, the difference is in the degree of effect on the skin.

Light or superficial chemical peel acts destructively on several layers of keratinised, dead skin cells. However, it is the most gentle type of peeling with the use of chemicals. Besides, the absence of side effects after the procedure allows you to continue the usual way of life.

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Specific problems

The median chemical peel destroys the utterly horny layer of the skin down to the basement membrane. But, within seven days after the procedure, you need home treatment. It is due to flushing of the face and fine-to-large-flake skin-peeling. The effect persists for a long time. The most common type of this peeling is Jessner's peeling.

Chemical peeling: indications and contraindications

The most complex and deep chemical peeling is exfoliation of the epidermis with action on the basement membrane. To clarify, it is a practically chemical burn of the skin with subsequent regeneration.

The long-term effect reaches several years, but you can do the procedure only once in your life. The rehabilitation period is approximately five months.

Cleansing of the skin

Renewal and cleansing of the skin with the use of concentrated acids. A doctor cosmodermatologist, depending on the patient's age, skin condition, and existing problems.

Chemical peeling is sometimes performed before plastic surgery. It is also a preparation method for deep dermabrasion (the method of skin polishing).

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