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Skin tightening anti-ageing face-lifting LPG Endermolift is a unique and affordable treatment that has virtually no contraindications offered by our clinic in central London. Our clinic has several advantages:
  • experts continually improve their qualifications;
  • clinic equipment is enriched continuously with modern devices, the latest developments;
  • the list of services is expanding, and the quality of services is improving, thanks to the introduction of new technologies, among which are the anti-ageing lifting LPG Endermolift;
  • stay in the clinic is very comfortable.
Anti-ageing facials with LPG Endermolift in the centre of London is your opportunity to become younger and more beautiful, to get rid of an age problem. Endermolift is a new rejuvenating apparatus technique that is suitable for women and men of any age. The patented technology, the full name of which is “endermolift ™ LPG”, naturally slows down the ageing process and prolongs the youth of the facial skin. At the age of twenty-five and older, skin cell functions slow down. New technology endermolift LPG offers a solution. Each endermolift session stimulates skin cells in such a way that they increase the synthesis of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. What are the secrets and features of this method? Endermolift is a practical solution to the problem of ageing of the facial and body skin, which is both non-aggressive and 100% natural. This system, in fact, maintains the right balance between alternative medical methods of rejuvenation, which are too insufficiently effective and safe and ways of aesthetic medicine, which are often too aggressive and risky. The procedure is carried out only on devices LPG Systems, lift-manipula of which are equipped with "petals" with micromotors. Independent pulsation of the “petals” improves cell stimulation by 270%. Due to the pulsation of the "petals", patients notice: improving skin tone
  • restoration of a face form,
  • lymphatic drainage on any part of the body,
  • tissue oxygen saturation
  • lipolysis (reduction of subcutaneous fat in problem areas).
Constant vacuum suction helps regulate the depth of impact. We can selectively affect fibroblasts, the microcirculation system, the lymphatic system, adipocytes (fat cells), adjusting the intensity of vacuum aspiration. Our clinic is equipped with modern models of devices that give the best results when working with skin and muscles of the face and body. New installations for the LPG endermolift are equipped with technically improved Ergolift lift-manipula, due to which the efficiency of the treatment significantly increases.
Firms and sculpts the face contours. 30 minutes


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Liftmassage(endermolift) is very relaxing and pleasurable, making you feel simultaneously invigorated and rested after treatment. As the intensity of the laps is programmable, the practitioner is able to customize your session to your unique goals and skin condition


Unlike Liftmassage, the techniques you are mentioning don't treat the sources of skin ageing, and in some cases, eleclrostimulation for example, may accentuate expression wrinkles and lines As you know, a face lifting is pretty traumatic for the skin that is detached, cut and stretched and sometimes for some facial muscles that need to be moved up or behind the face. This procedure requires a general anaesthesia (?) and weeks for a total recovery. Injections of botulinum toxin paralyze muscles fora smooth effect but freeze facial expressions, stealing the natural and personality of one's face


Liftmassage is a powerful, non-invasive technique. II naturally enhances the youthful potential of skin - without artifice, scalpel or risky and toxic additives The real ingredients for a beautiful, youthful appearance are 100% natural because they are in you Lift technology stimulates your issues in the precise way they need to be stimulated, as a result, your skin is redensified and smooth, glowing and youthful appearance is restored-without a loss of natural expression or altered features.


Over lime, exposed to the same negative environmental factors as women, men too are affected by the visible signs of ageing Liflmassage is recommended for men to smooth lines and wrinkles, reduce a double chin, replenish skin firmness and to treat puffy, baggy eyes


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