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3D HIFU facial lifting and tightening is the latest non-surgical technology to excel in this area in just one session. The highly focused acoustic energy creates thermal coagulation zones at three selected depths. Moreover, it causes new collagen formation, thus providing longer-term skin tightening. No downtime.

What is HIFU?

Specialists of Myron Medical Cosmetic Research Institution first invented High intensity-focused ultrasound in the USA.
The 3D Hifu Facial technology aims to tighten the skin using high-intensity focused ultrasound. Besides, the treatment is beneficial in stimulating collagen production and removing lines and wrinkles on the face and neck. Hifu technology also focuses on body fat reduction as well as cellulite removal.
Hifu body treatment uses a larger handpiece and slight alterations in the existing technology. It destroys fat cells using heat from ultrasound technology, stimulating collagen production and producing noticeable results. Besides, this technology targets a specific fat area to reduce it in the quickest time possible. 3D Hifu Facial delivers focused energy at a depth of 1.3cm to break down fat cells creating fat loss and skin tightening.
The high frequency of the ultrasound wave brings heat under the skin. It also effectively destroys the fat cells and tightens the skin. The body's eliminating system will flush the damaged cells away via a natural removal process that continues for up to three months.
All HIFU technology is not yet medical in many countries but achieving an accurate medical result sets us apart from other Hifu machines.

Our recommendation for 3D HIFU Facial lifting and tightening

We recommend one single treatment of 3D HIFU Face and advise maintenance every eighteen months. Noticeable improvement in your facial contouring and fine lines and wrinkles will be visible within four weeks. Moreover, the results may last longer if you follow a regular body detox regimen. For that, we strongly recommend alkalising colonic supplemented with sodium bicarbonate.

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    That was the best HIFU treatment I ever had. Besides, I could see the result straight away. Moreover, my lower face looks more lifted and sculpted now. Liliana was very professional. She also answered my every question and made it totally at ease. By the way, it was my second visit, and I booked the next one already. It is a perfect place if you want to feel welcome and in very professional hands. Plus, it is a fantastic location as a bonus.

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