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Half leg waxing is carried out by professionals at our London clinic. We use hot beeswax for depilation, which is one of the best in the world, appreciated by celebrities and clients of the best salons. Polymeric and film waxes have many advantages in comparison with other types of epilation:
  • possible use on the skin prone to hyperhidrosis (increased sweating);
  • the ability to remove hairs from three millimetres long;
  • the wax temperature is not high(37-49 degrees C);
  • it is ideal for removing small hair on mucous membranes;
  • the top speed of the procedure;
  • minimal pain.

Recommendations for the Half Leg waxing procedure in London

How to prepare for waxing hair removal? These simple recommendations are essential; do not ignore them. We recommend booking waxing hair removal when the hairs reach a length of five to six millimetres. You should understand that it will be very unpleasant during waxing for the first time. It depends on your sensitivity. Discomfort will be only during the first session, after which the regular follow-up treatments will not cause so much pain. Our practitioners will quickly and efficiently perform half leg waxing, eliminating unwanted hairs on the lower part of the legs. It is important to remember that the regularity of hair pulling reduces sensitivity guaranteed. The longer the break between sessions, the more unpleasant the next waxing will be. The best way to maintain consistency is to follow the recommendations of the practitioner about the date of your scheduled visit. You should avoid visiting the solarium the day before the depilation. Do not use the saunas, swimming pool or bath three hours before the session. Do not use a scrub with solid particles at least five days before the procedure. It is OK to go for the half leg waxing even during menstruation. Remember that sensitivity increases a few days before menstruation, and sensations can be more intense than usual. Still, the best time for carrying out waxing is right after the menstruation or in the first half of the cycle. 30 minutes


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Andreia Jurquete

Manager and Director of The Brazilian Wax. She has owned the company and worked in the field for more than 5 years. She received her training in Brazil, a country renowned for high standards and expectations when it comes to beauty treatment. Her vast experience and high volume of clients (more than 1000 a year), along with her thorough and precise waxing technique, ensures that clients will receive a very high standard of waxing.

Rose Santos

A manicurist who began her work experience in Brazil, in the best and highly competitive beauty salons in Sao Paulo, she moved to London in 2012, where she quickly became appreciated for her excellent manicure and acquired a vast clientele which has remained faithful to her. As a waxing therapist Rose is versatile and can work both with hot wax as well as with the strip variety.

Elizangela Soares

Also a Brazilian, Elizangela attended beauty School in Brasilia, where she learned to Wax, to do Eyebrows and Facial Treatments. She did specialization in Microblading in Poland at Sviatoslav Otchenash Academy and also Facial and Skin Care trainning in London at Ray Cochrane Beauty School. She is very professional, charismatic and perfectionist. She is a very good Waxing therapist but is verstile and can offer Eyebrow treatment (design, shaping and tinting) , LPG massage and Facials

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