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Men's chest and stomach waxing services are available at our reputable London clinic, where we prioritize high-quality materials and employ modern equipment. Our experienced practitioners have skills in efficiently and safely removing unwanted hair, minimizing client discomfort. In today's world, it is increasingly common for men to pay attention to their appearance and grooming routines. As a result, male wax hair removal has become a widely accepted practice. With pumped pectoral muscles considered a beauty standard, many men exercise regularly at the gym to showcase their results. Consequently, removing chest hair has gained popularity among men, which is believed to enhance their attractiveness. Men seek chest waxing for various reasons, including aesthetic preferences, requirements of certain professions, or participation in sports like swimming. The approach to chest hair removal may vary depending on individual circumstances, as men's hair patterns differ. Some individuals naturally have sparse hair on their chests, making it easy to remove with tweezers, while others have denser hair growth resembling a warm "wool" fur coat.

The process of chest and stomach waxing involves the following steps:

  1. Application of hot wax: A skilled practitioner applies hot wax onto the skin, ensuring thorough coverage of the targeted area.
  2. Cooling and solidification: We leave the wax cooling, solidifying and adhering to the hairs.
  3. Swift hair removal: Once the wax has sufficiently cooled, it is swiftly and firmly removed along with the trapped hairs. This method enables quick and efficient hair removal, reducing the need for repeated treatments. However, it is essential to note that this approach can be uncomfortable or painful. Our therapists utilize anaesthetic substances and skin-repairing creams to mitigate any potential discomfort.

To prepare for male chest and stomach waxing at our London clinic, we follow a few steps:

  1. We avoid skin injuries. It is crucial to prevent skin injury, even minor ones, in the treated area before your appointment.
  2. Shave the area one month before the session: We advise clients to completely shave the chest and stomach hair approximately one month before their waxing treatment. This allows the hair to grow to a length of nine to eleven millimetres, optimizing the efficacy of the waxing process.
  3. Avoid irritants and excessive sunlight: Refrain from applying any irritating substances to the skin or exposing the treated area to excessive sunlight, as these factors can compromise the overall effectiveness and comfort of the waxing procedure.

It's important to note that there are specific contraindications for waxing treatment, including:

  • Individuals with diabetes
  • Visible skin injuries in the intended treatment area
  • An abundance of moles in the targeted region
  • The exceptional proximity of blood vessels (capillaries) to the skin's surface
At our clinic, we prioritize the safety and satisfaction of our clients throughout the chest and stomach waxing process. Our practitioners strive to deliver exceptional results while ensuring a comfortable experience. If you have any specific concerns or questions, our knowledgeable staff is available to provide personalized guidance and address any inquiries you may have
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Waxing Hair removal is one of the most affordable, inexpensive and effective ways to remove excess hair. However, we would confront eliminating hairs with wax at home because of insufficient quality, and the epilation can be very painful.

If waxing is too painful for you, then do not strive to process the entire area at once. Split the procedure for several days, gradually epilating section by section. It will help your skin become accustomed to the sensations and be easier to tolerate.

What is the technique of waxing hair removal?

Epilation can be painful due to improper technique. For example, if you are too fast or slowly tear off the wax, the contrary. In the first case, it always hurts because the slower you tear off the wax, the more the skin stretches and the more painful it becomes. But you can not tear it off too sharply, as this can cause a hematoma under the skin.
Ideally, the movement should be smooth but fast enough. It is better to entrust the first procedure to the specialist to understand the speed you need to tear off the strip; if you do waxing hair removal at home, practice in a small body area.

What are the types of wax for waxing hair removal?

Different types of wax are available for waxing; in many respects, the result would depend on its quality. So, it can be a classic wax of varying degrees of hardness and gel or granular.
Gel wax has a different texture: it lies on the body's skin with a thin transparent film, does not stick to the surface so much, and simultaneously captures hair well. Besides, gel wax is more economical. Usually, that type of wax is in cartridges.

What is granulated wax?

Granulated wax is a type of hot wax that has a granule formula. This hair removal also applies wax to the skin as a film. It helps to cope with long as well as short hair. We can use it both on growth and against the growth of hair.
Fruit waxes are available for "deep" epilation of the bikini zone. These kinds of resins contain fructose. It captures and removes hair as well as has a peeling effect.
Besides, it is better to use wax with a roller applicator than wax strips to remove excess hair on the face. It is more convenient for local use, as we apply it with a thin layer only in those areas where it is needed.

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Andreia Jurquete

Andréia Jurquete is the manager and director of The Brazilian Wax, a company specialising in hair removal services. She has owned the company for over ten years and has a wealth of experience in the field. Andréia received her training in Brazil, a country known for its high standards and expectations regarding beauty treatments. With over 1000 clients annually, Andréia has vast experience and many clients. Her thorough and precise waxing technique ensures that clients receive a very high standard. She takes great pride in her work and is dedicated to providing the best possible service to her clients. Andréia's extensive experience and training in Brazil make her an expert in hair removal and a leader in the industry. Her clients can be confident that they are in good hands when they choose The Brazilian Wax and receive a professional service with the highest quality standards.

Rose Santos

Rose Santos is a highly experienced and talented manicurist. She began her career in Brazil, honing her skills working in some of the most prestigious and competitive beauty salons in Sao Paulo. With a passion for her craft and a dedication to her clients, she quickly became known for her exceptional manicure skills. In 2012, Rose decided to expand her horizons and move to London. Here she quickly established herself as one of the top manicurists, thanks to her superior skills and attention to detail. She developed a large and loyal clientele who appreciated her work. She is an expert in manicures and offers wax therapy services. Rose is versatile and can work with hot and strip wax, providing her clients with various options to suit their preferences. Her combination of skills and experience makes her an ideal choice for anyone looking for a professional and luxurious beauty treatment.

Elizangela Soares

Also a Brazilian, Elizangela attended beauty School in Brasilia, where she learned to Wax, to do Eyebrows and Facial Treatments. She did specialization in Microblading in Poland at Sviatoslav Otchenash Academy and also Facial and Skin Care trainning in London at Ray Cochrane Beauty School. She is very professional, charismatic and perfectionist. She is a very good Waxing therapist but is verstile and can offer Eyebrow treatment (design, shaping and tinting) , LPG massage and Facials

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