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Chest and stomach waxing for men are available in our London clinic. We work with high-quality materials and modern equipment. Experienced practitioners quickly and safely remove hairs, reducing discomfort. Nowadays, not only women tend to care for their appearance. Therefore, the phrase "male wax hair removal" does not surprise anyone. Pumped pectoral muscles in men have become the standard of beauty. Almost all men exercise in the gym, wanting to demonstrate their results. And many of them try to remove hair from this part of the body to look more attractive. Waxing of the chest is of interest to men because of aesthetic preferences, the public profession, or by practising a particular sport, such as swimming. The sequence of chest hair removal varies from man to man, as their hairs are different. Some naturally have a few hairs on their chests that are easy to remove with tweezers, while others have a warm “wool” fur coat. Some typically have a few hairs on their breasts that are easy remove with tweezers, while others have a warm “wool” fur coat.

How do chest and stomach waxing work

During the session, a practitioner applies the hot wax to the skin, waits for it to cool and then removes abruptly along with adhering hairs. This method is fast and efficient at the same time. It allows you to remove unwanted hair quickly and with a small number of repetitions. However, this approach is the most painful. Therefore therapists use anaesthetic substances and skin-repairing creams. If you are going for male chest and stomach waxing in our London clinic, you should prepare for it appropriately:
  • First, skin injuries, even minor ones, should be avoided.
  • Secondly, you should completely shave all the hairs one month before epilation, as they should grow to a length of nine to eleven millimetres by the attendance to your treatment.
  • Thirdly, do not apply irritating substances to the skin and do not expose it to excessive sunlight.

Epilation is contraindicated for persons:

  • suffering from diabetes;
  • having apparent skin injuries in the treated area;
  • with a significant quantity of moles;
  • having very close proximity of blood vessels (capillaries) to the surface of the skin.
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Andreia Jurquete

Manager and Director of The Brazilian Wax. She has owned the company and worked in the field for more than 5 years. She received her training in Brazil, a country renowned for high standards and expectations when it comes to beauty treatment. Her vast experience and high volume of clients (more than 1000 a year), along with her thorough and precise waxing technique, ensures that clients will receive a very high standard of waxing.

Rose Santos

A manicurist who began her work experience in Brazil, in the best and highly competitive beauty salons in Sao Paulo, she moved to London in 2012, where she quickly became appreciated for her excellent manicure and acquired a vast clientele which has remained faithful to her. As a waxing therapist Rose is versatile and can work both with hot wax as well as with the strip variety.

Elizangela Soares

Also a Brazilian, Elizangela attended beauty School in Brasilia, where she learned to Wax, to do Eyebrows and Facial Treatments. She did specialization in Microblading in Poland at Sviatoslav Otchenash Academy and also Facial and Skin Care trainning in London at Ray Cochrane Beauty School. She is very professional, charismatic and perfectionist. She is a very good Waxing therapist but is verstile and can offer Eyebrow treatment (design, shaping and tinting) , LPG massage and Facials

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