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Waxing body hair removal in London

We offer body waxing at our clinic in London with excellent results. Modern wax formulations and therapists' professionalism make it possible to get rid of all unwanted hair in a qualitative, quick and least painful way.
In our salon, we use mostly hot beeswax, ideal for removing hair from areas such as armpits, bikini, face, hard-to-reach parts of the legs. This type of waxing allows you to remove hairs on uneven, soft surfaces. It copes well with tough, dense and short hairiness. Hot wax hardens and forms a hard film that is removed by hand.
Important! Waxing a deep bikini can be extremely painful, even if the therapist has extensive salon experience.

Advantages of the Brazilian wax in our clinic

Even if you watch a waxing video a thousand times, you can't catch all the nuances. Even women who have been D.I.Y. waxing bikini, face and other body zones for years do not always follow the technology accurately.
The most unpleasant consequences of D.I.Y. hair removal are infections that result in non-compliance with hygienic requirements or improper hair removal, with the result that the hair breaks off and grows faster, leaving the bulb in the skin. Incorrect application of wax can contribute to the fact that you have to remove hair in one zone up to two, three, or even more times. This is fraught with severe damage to the epidermis. Wounds will heal slowly, but the worst thing is that darker and tighter hairs can grow.
A professional will help to avoid these problems and carry out the procedure quickly and correctly!

Why choose to wax?

Hot or warm beeswax depilation removes hair more effectively than tweezers or shaving.
The advantages are apparent in this case:
  • Hair becomes thin, cease to be prickly. Over time, become soft, sometimes discoloured;
  • in some cases, there is a complete stop of hair growth after five or seven years of continuous waxing of the bikini area, legs, arms and other parts of the body;
  • Hot beeswax will relieve hair by using additional skin care products after depilation for an average of two to three weeks. If the treatments are performed regularly, the time of hair regrowth will increase to four to six weeks;
  • subject to technology, wax does not cause irritation or allergies;
  • does not provoke the growth of new hair, unlike plucking.


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