Lipomassage by Endermologie at Parkland Natural Health

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Lipomassage Endermo Body Firming LPG massage and osteopathy

Cellulite-reducing Lipomassage by Endermologie, a registered trademark of LPG Systems

Your beautician performs a careful evaluation of your needs. She also created a customized Lipomassage by Endermologie program based on her diagnosis.

LPG, the world-renowned Endermologie specialist. A patented slimming treatment designed to treat localized fat, cellulite, and loose skin. As a result, it resculpts the body and boosts circulatory exchanges.

Patented treatment heads equipped with independent, motorized rollers delicately manipulate the skin tissues to stimulate the dormant cells and relaunch the fat release. Besides, with Lipomassage, you can target your problem areas and be slimmer where you want.

For her, for him… Lipomassage by Endermologie

Despite regular exercise and the most stringent of diets, the body will store fat in certain areas. Lipomassage by Endermologie is a technique born from Endermologie. So, it offers a scientifically fly-proven solution for localized fat retention, cellulite, skin sagging and contours…  Now, in as few as six sessions without painful surgery, it is possible to reshape your body and lose inches with long-lasting, spectacular results.

Lipomassage in as few as six sessions

slim | sculpt | firm – where you most need it!

Lipomassage is a localized treatment with Independent Motorized Rollers” (IMR). This patented technology, combined with the anatomic expertise of highly trained practitioners, ensures a remarkably efficient treatment. For instance, in as few as six 35-minute sessions, you will see dramatic improvements in your figure and an advance in your skin quality. Finally, you can eliminate the stubborn fat in those hopeless areas of your body, the ones you once thought impossible to lose.

For Whom

Endermo Body Firming Lipomassage at Parkland Natural Health. How to lose weight with a diet?

Lipomassage by Endermologie – Slenderness for all!

Localized fat, cellulite, saddlebags, love handles, buttocks, hips, thighs, arms, stomach, back… To clarify, women and men store fat differently and in different places. However, even when the strictest diets and rigorous exercise regimens have failed, men and women can fight fat with Lipomassage. Genetically predisposed to fat storage, women acquire figure defects as early as adolescence. Skin loses elasticity and resilience after pregnancy, and with age onset, the condition worsens… Lipomassage effectively treats all of these factors.

Localized fat, love handles, potbelly stomach, double chin, undefined pectoral muscles… Lipomassage effectively fights trapped fat, even when the strictest diets and rigorous exercise regimens have failed. Despite having a proper metabolism, men, with age or a rich diet, begin storing fat in certain areas of their bodies.

The Secret of Lipomassage

For over two decades, Lipomassage by Endermologie has continued without letup to evolve. But also to the result of protocol innovations. Such achievements and discoveries directly result from the extensive clinical research being developed worldwide in a recent study conducted by a world-renowned specialist in fat cell metabolism, Professor Lafontan (Toulouse, France.

How? As the independent motorized rollers (especially the “Roll’in” rotation) condition adipose tissue (fat tissue), the stimulated adipocytes (fat cells) are signalled via adrenergic neurohormonal messages to activate ß receptors (‘cell waste’ eliminators) and trigger lipolysis (fat elimination). Emerging from this discovery is a new methodology with dramatically more efficient protocols that, according to clinical observations, procure visible results on resistant localized fat in as few as six sessions. This tremendous new treatment is called Lipomassage.