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We offer Eyebrows waxing for eyebrow correction with Brazilian hot beeswax in our clinic in London.  This quality service gives long-term results. All of our specialists have high-level qualifications and significant work experience, while modern wax formulations prevent irritation and allergies. Eyebrows draw attention to the eyes, making them look particularly expressive. Modern fashion trends dictate a particular type of eyebrow shape, preferring naturalness. As before, beautiful and well-groomed eyebrows without hairs sticking out in different directions remain relevant for women. It is best to contact an experienced therapist to adjust your eyebrows with hot beeswax. After all, you can make a mistake by removing the hair in the wrong area. Also, you may injure the facial skin, in an attempt to remove the hair by yourself, which may ruin the appearance for a long time. Specialists will do that safely and accurately.

Wax composition

Additional components are various types of resin, for example, pine resin. Practitioners may use different oils to soften the skin. Meanwhile, choosing a specific substance for eyebrow correction, use the sensitivity of your epidermis to the ingredients, so that its application does not lead to irritation.

Eyebrows waxing procedure

The procedure for the correction of eyebrows with wax requires specific training and skill. First, you need to remove the fringe from the face so that it does not interfere and in order not to hook the strands during waxing. The optimal length for hair removal is 4 mm. Next, comb your eyebrows with a special brush. Practitioners usually preheat the wax to the desired temperature using a wax melter and remain on it. It is essential not to burn or injure the skin. You can clear the surface with the help of a specialised antiseptic dermatological agent. Next, the wax is applied to the area for correction in the direction of hair growth with a stick, and when it hardens, then it is torn off against the growth of hairs with a sharp movement. The skin is treated with sedatives after the procedure to prevent irritation. Eyebrow waxing in London is a popular treatment that allows you to give your eyebrows a beautiful shape which lasts. Contact us for more information about this treatment.


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Andreia Jurquete

Manager and Director of The Brazilian Wax. She has owned the company and worked in the field for more than 5 years. She received her training in Brazil, a country renowned for high standards and expectations when it comes to beauty treatment. Her vast experience and high volume of clients (more than 1000 a year), along with her thorough and precise waxing technique, ensures that clients will receive a very high standard of waxing.

Elizangela Soares

Also a Brazilian, Elizangela attended beauty School in Brasilia, where she learned to Wax, to do Eyebrows and Facial Treatments. She did specialization in Microblading in Poland at Sviatoslav Otchenash Academy and also Facial and Skin Care trainning in London at Ray Cochrane Beauty School. She is very professional, charismatic and perfectionist. She is a very good Waxing therapist but is verstile and can offer Eyebrow treatment (design, shaping and tinting) , LPG massage and Facials

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