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The shoulder waxing procedure is popular primarily among men. Experienced professionals safely and quickly remove unwanted hair, bringing discomfort and inconvenience and spoiling the appearance.

Shoulders waxing procedure and care

We perform shoulder waxing for men with Brazilian hot beeswax composition. Practitioners apply wax on the skin step by step and remove it with unwanted naps. Often, the epilation of men's shoulders goes along with treating the arms and back.
Shoulders waxing hair removal requires thirty to fifty minutes. Besides, degreasing the skin with an antiseptic solution is essential. Likewise, anaesthetics (at the client's request) before the epilation is necessary. Moreover, the therapists select the wax temperature depending on the hardness of the hair: the more rigid and thicker the hair, the hotter the wax needs to be.
Skincare is an integral part of waxing. Before waxing, the skin needs to be cleaned and disinfected. Secondly, you must cleanse the surface of traces of wax mass after the treatment. Special lotions such as professional post-depilatory compounds are called upon to help the skin recover from hair removal.
Shoulders waxing for men has several nuances. First, men's nap has a structure different from women's hair, and they are more robust and thicker. Therefore, they need to resort to hair removal more often than women. Male hair removal showed the highest results when using Brazilian hot beeswax.

Contraindications and advice

Before you set a date for the treatment, you must consult a specialist in our clinic in London for contraindications:
  • violation of skin surface integrity, including skin diseases such as growths, warts, etc.;
  • diabetes;
  • varicose veins in the area of hair removal for men;
  • acute forms of herpes disease;
  • oncological diseases like cancer;
  • idiosyncrasy drugs used for hair removal.

After the male shoulders waxing hair removal completion, follow such recommendations:
  • Do not sunbathe or go to the solarium for two to three days after the male epilation.
  • Do not pluck a nap that has grown on the body between treatments. Remove it with a depilatory cream.
  • Apply to the treated skin area with a sunscreen effect for two weeks after the treatment.

The result of hair removal for men will be a sharp reduction in unwanted hair growth in the treated areas of the body.


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Waxing Hair removal is one of the most affordable, inexpensive and effective ways to remove excess hair. However, we would confront eliminating hairs with wax at home because of insufficient quality, and the epilation can be very painful.

If waxing is too painful for you, then do not strive to process the entire area at once. Split the procedure for several days, gradually epilating section by section. It will help your skin become accustomed to the sensations and be easier to tolerate.

What is the technique of waxing hair removal?

Epilation can be painful due to improper technique. For example, if you are too fast or slowly tear off the wax, the contrary. In the first case, it always hurts because the slower you tear off the wax, the more the skin stretches and the more painful it becomes. But you can not tear it off too sharply, as this can cause a hematoma under the skin.
Ideally, the movement should be smooth but fast enough. It is better to entrust the first procedure to the specialist to understand the speed you need to tear off the strip; if you do waxing hair removal at home, practice in a small body area.

What are the types of wax for waxing hair removal?

Different types of wax are available for waxing; in many respects, the result would depend on its quality. So, it can be a classic wax of varying degrees of hardness and gel or granular.
Gel wax has a different texture: it lies on the body's skin with a thin transparent film, does not stick to the surface so much, and simultaneously captures hair well. Besides, gel wax is more economical. Usually, that type of wax is in cartridges.

What is granulated wax?

Granulated wax is a type of hot wax that has a granule formula. This hair removal also applies wax to the skin as a film. It helps to cope with long as well as short hair. We can use it both on growth and against the growth of hair.
Fruit waxes are available for "deep" epilation of the bikini zone. These kinds of resins contain fructose. It captures and removes hair as well as has a peeling effect.
Besides, it is better to use wax with a roller applicator than wax strips to remove excess hair on the face. It is more convenient for local use, as we apply it with a thin layer only in those areas where it is needed.

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