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Bum (outside) waxing for men is a hygienic method of removing hair in the buttocks area. Most often, the problem of excessive hair growth around the anus concerns men, although lately, the issue has become very relevant among the female population. Men suffer from increased hairiness, as typical, the problem arises already in adolescence, when puberty begins, and hormone levels begin to fluctuate. Moreover, hair may be present both on the surface of the buttocks and in the perineum of some people. Most men remove hair around the anus by aesthetic principles, as well as for hygienic prophylaxis. Dermatologists can explain it by the fact that one extra hair can become an excellent “secluded spot” for the reproduction of harmful bacteria and an unpleasant odour. Taken together, it can provoke the development of severe inflammatory processes later. Besides, a well-groomed man caring for the intimate areas of his body may be more popular among women. Moreover, he may be more attractive and desirable than the one who has hair on his buttocks!

What is most effective and at the same time, the safest method of buttocks waxing?

There are many holistic and cosmetic methods of dealing with unwanted hairiness on the buttocks today, such as shaving, laser hair removal, sugaring, photo epilation. However, only cosmetologists can recommend applications of one or another method to prevent any harm! We offer wax hair removal on the buttocks at our clinic. It is a safe treatment that gives a rather long-lasting effect: up to three weeks. Besides, our practitioners carry it out professionally, with high-quality wax and in comfortable conditions. Buttocks waxing (bum) is a modern approach to hair removal in London. Our clinic has many advantages:
  • convenient location,
  • online booking,
  • high level and quality of service;
  • guaranteed success and the absence of side effects.
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Andreia Jurquete

Manager and Director of The Brazilian Wax. She has owned the company and worked in the field for more than 5 years. She received her training in Brazil, a country renowned for high standards and expectations when it comes to beauty treatment. Her vast experience and high volume of clients (more than 1000 a year), along with her thorough and precise waxing technique, ensures that clients will receive a very high standard of waxing.

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