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I had very good results at this place. Endermologie definitely helped with slimming, firming and eliminating cellulite marks. After having a baby a year ago and trying to loose weight, after my first treatment I noticed my weight loss actually sped up thanks to the toxins being moved around and it helping is with my water retention. Over 11 sessions I managed to reach my goals and achieve excellent results.*

After suffering with a painful and stiff shoulder for two years that did not respond to physio or acupuncture, I tried osteopathy with Gilly. After only one treatment, he told me what the problem was and fixed it. He is friendly and caring and made me feel totally at ease.*

I have been coming to the Parkland Natural Health Clinic for chronic digestive issues for over a year.   Very professional and helpful service - leave treatments feeling better.  Would recommend the Clinic for others suffering from similar stomach issues.*

When I came to see you last November I was left with no energy and also having lots of problem with focusing to do normal daily things. After having mini detox programme I have to say result was nothing that I could imagine. First I find all the energy gone up to roof. Still the same today. I do lots of things during the day and I feel still not tired in the end of the day. I have young kids so you can imagine how busy you can be just looking after them. Also my skin looked so fresh and all my friend think I must have done something different. When I told them the reason they were quite amazed. So I wanted to say thank you and I would recommend to anyone who might have similar problems. Many many thanks, Samantha*

This set of treatments was extremely useful as part of a detox and weight loss programme. I not only lost weight quickly but also felt great too. Side benefits also included reduced hunger and sleeping like a log! This clinic is a wonderful find, very professional and great at what they do. Highly recomnended.*

I went twice and already feel so good and empty inside. I can ask any question during the treatment and be able to relax. I definitely recommend to my friends.*

Very thorough and professional service. Tony was knowledgeable and also suggested ways in which I could improve my diet which was helpful *

Having had a number of treatments at the wellness centre I would highly recommend them. The location is perfect, prices very reasonable but most of all the treatment and staff are 10/10. I have always felt comfortable and the colonic hydrotherapy has been a huge help in helping me with my digestive system and bowel habits. I would not consider going anywhere else! *

Wonderful treatment. Expertly done!*

Parkland Natural Health Clinic provide an excellent service. I am very please with their professionalism. Olena did a wonderful job on me in the last three sections. I felt so relieved afterwards. Thank you for a job well done.*

Gilly is a great Osteo. He really listens and helps you come up with a holistic solution to back problems. He is friendly and professional. Highly recommended. *

I was extremely satisfied with the service(colonic irrigation), care and reassurance I received during my treatment at your clinic.*

I have never thought I'd start coming for waxing regularly. More than that I have never thought I'd ever come for waxing at all. But thanks to Andreia I am more concious about hygiene of my body, despite hot waxing hair removal gives you a certain level of discomfort I'm sure anybody can bear that for a short moment. Thank you, Andreia, for putting me at ease and thanks to your colleges for being very polite.*

Microdermabrasion carried out by a highly trained specialist Nataly was very effective. It significantly improved acne scars. Excellent experience! Trusty, professional and caring staff. First-class service!*

I didn't really like the idea to pay for colonic irrigation prior to the appointment. Despite that I was very impressed how professional, tactful and reassuring Anatoli the therapist was. I appreciate now what he is doing. I believe many of my friend will agree with me. And I recommend to all of them to visit this place*

Good and knowledgeable staff. It's good that they use closed colonic system and only disposable accessories. The location is perfect. I recommend this place to all my friends who are looking to stay healthy and feel good.*

I had gallstones and went about trying the gallbladder flush to the letter which ment having a before and after collonic..glad to say it was successful. Very professional service, with lots of good advice. I am very happy and satisfied and highly recommend Parkland Natual Health Clinic*

I have had 2 anti-candida colonics with the wellness centre and I believe that they have been an important stage in re-establishing healthy bowel habits. I would recommend the treatment as a good course of action for people with candida, the treatment itself was not-uncomfortable and it was performed in a friendly and professional environment.*

It wouldn't be exaggerating to say that the colon hydrotherapy treatment that I received at the clinic has been a life changer. I'd been suffering from chronic and severe constipation for 10 years and had become entirely dependent on drugs. I knew this wasn't sustainable in the long-term but it was so bad without the laxatives that I couldn't face stopping to take them. However, when my husband and I decided to plan for a baby, I knew I seriously had to do something about it as this was incompatible with being pregnant. The treatment has allowed me to recover a fully functional colon within a year (which seemed completely unimaginable even a few months before...). I am now 3 months pregnant and although constipation is a classic pregnancy disagreement, I can happily say it is not one I suffer from! I can't recommend this treatment enough and you can count on the very high professionalism of the clinic to provide with the best possible care *

Well, it was indeed the best experience I have ever had. The waxing was very quick but effective and less painful. Everything as promised so now I won't go anywhere else for that. The room is bright, clean and big so you do not feel like you are in a cupboard. Highly recommended!*

I do colonics on a regular basis and I have had a few of them in USA and UK before I booked my treatment at Parkland.  I was very pleased with the experience as the treatment room was very clean and the equipment  well maintained. The colonic therapist was very skilled and highly professional. I'd even say one of the best available in London.*

I have been here a few times and have found it to be very good. Everything is straight forward and you do feel better after and generally relaxed enabling to sleep better and feel healthier. *

5 star service *

Not bad at all. Will come back soon.*

good! *

This clinic is the best place I have been to in the town. It is clean, well organized, professional, and, most importantly, the therapist is supportive, makes you feel comfortable at all time. The other places I have been to are not even close to the quality Parkland offers. And the prices are average. Highly recommended *

I've been doing colonic hydrotherapy for almost two years at Wellness Studio and my health has drastically improved. Anthony always manages to make me feel at ease and is always wiling to help with his knowledgeable expertise and invaluable advice. I would recommend colonic hydrotherapy to anyone, it's pain-free, it takes only 40 minutes and at the end one feels much lighter and in a better mood.*

I have recently been treated with antibiotics for Lyme's disease and my physicians recommended I have colonic irrigation upon finishing my course of IV and oral antibiotics. Seeing as I have used The Wellness Studio before to successfully remedy intestinal candidiasis, constipation and bloating (all caused by antibiotic therapy in my teens and early 20s), I returned once again for more treatment. The practitioner is well-informed, very knowledgeable, super-professional and always respectful. I highly recommend the Wellness Studio. *

Good service *

Colonic Irrigation made me feel better. I will definitely come again *

Pleasant experience of highly professional service.*

I had gallstones and went about trying the gallbladder flush to the letter which meant having a before and after colonic..glad to say it was successful. Very professional service, with lots of good advice. I am very happy and satisfied and highly recommend Parkland Natural Health Clinic *

Highly professional - surprised by how easy and painless the experience was at this clinic. Will come back.*

Very professional and helpful *

Very good. Friendly staff and rapid response. :) *

Very good*

Very professional approach *

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