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waxing techniques and procedures Here at the Parkland Natural Health in Holborn, London, we can confidently say that we are able to give a painless waxing hair removal to our clients in a professional and soothing environment. We know our waxing, we know our clients and we know how the two work together, and we are proud of that.
While our services may be speedy, that does not mean that we do not take care to know and understand our clients needs. We pay attention to what our clients want and need as well as making them knowledgeable of the procedures that we have to offer. We value our clients, and we know that without them, we would not be here, so we treat them like the jewels that they are.
Our staff members are skilled and specialize in the waxing techniques and procedures that we offer. They have mastered the procedures so that they can provide a speedy, pain-free and effective treatment that you are completely satisfied with. Not only will you be satisfied, but we ensure that you will be completely happy with each and every procedure and treatment that you have applied.
Our treatment choices include but are not limited to Thong bikini waxing, Brazilian waxing, Basic bikini waxing, leg waxes, armpit waxing and so much more. We offer packages as well as individual services so that our clients are completely satisfied before they walk out of our door.
Brazilian Hot Bee wax

Our Waxing Procedure

The wax that we use is Brazilian Hot Bee wax. The wax will be heated to an almost soothing temperature before applied to the problem area. Once applied, the wax will quickly harden. It is imperative that we use a thick layer of wax so that it is done right with the first application. After the wax hardens, the staff member will be able to remove the wax without the aid of any other piece of material. When the wax is removed, all of the hair comes along with it.
Not only is this method very effective, but it also helps to prevent ingrown hairs. If ingrown hairs are left unattended, they can potentially become infected. It is essential to your health to have a staff member who is knowledgeable of different treatments as well as different skin types.

Why Choose Us

Our staff members are exemplary at what they do. They are all highly trained and skilled in the industry, and they are able to keep your comfortable and pain-free during your procedure. If you have any questions or concerns, please give us a call, send us an email or even stop by our office so that we can assist you in making your decision. We will give you all of the information that you need to make an educated decision on your waxing regiment.

30 minutes

1 5 1



Waxing eyebrows is very popular in designing brows because it's fairly quick and can last weeks. I am using a cream wax heated up in a wax pot. Cream waxes are the most gentle types of wax, so it works well in the delicate, sensitive eye area. Heated wax is going to grab onto the hair much more than pre-made cold wax strips, and give much smoother results. 15 minutes



Full arm wax is usually done to remove hairs from the wrist to the elbow and all the way up to the shoulder. 30 minutes

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20 minutes



30 minutes



12.5% off

A Hollywood removes all of your hair. The perfect choice if you dont want to have any genital hair left. Everything Off!!! 30 minutes 

4 5 4

£40.00 or £35.00 if booked on-line


Takes the sides of the bikini line deeper than a regular bikini wax, and can also include waxing some hair on top to make a more defined triangle area, or trimming down the left hair. Hair is also removed from the back. 20 minutes



This style allows you to delineate the pubic hair in two geometric shapes: triangle and square which is suitable for you to wear either with a swimming costumes or underwear. Hair is not removed from the bottom. 20 minutes



45 minutes



30 minutes



Includes removal of hair from bikini line, shaft, scrotum or sac, groin and crack and buttocks.
50 minutes

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