Probiotic bacteria strain – Bacillus subtilis 60 mg

Anatori Sealife Comments 0 21st August 2019
Probiotic bacteria Bacillus subtilis

Bacillus subtilis is a specific, clinically-tested and patented strain of probiotic bacteria. Firstly, it improves natural defences. Secondly, it helps in fighting infection and external aggressions.

Also, these probiotic strains with strong resistance to acidity

  • have anti-bacterial and anti-fungal effects;
  • may reduce the growth of pathogenic bacteria.

Therefore, specially selected and studied for its immunostimulant properties, this strain is listed in the Collection Nationale française de cultures de microorganisms (CNCM) as no. I-2745. 

Pre-clinical and clinical trials have shown that taking Probiotic bacteria Bacillus subtilis boosts immunity in older people significantly. As a result, it protects them from winter infections in particular. 

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Unlike some other strains, these high-quality probiotic bacteria are spore-forming. For instance, it creates cells that are particularly thermo-resistant, offering many advantages:

  • increased efficacy in the intestines precisely where microflora is, due to very high resistance during passage through the digestive tract;
  • high stability in the capsule at ambient temperatures (DRcaps™);
  • the high survival rate in the GI tract and ability to activate IgA-producing cells (immunoglobulin A is a crucial immunity antibody) as demonstrated in vitro and in vivo in pre-clinical tests and a clinical trial in France.

Double-blind clinical trial

Besides, this double-blind clinical trial involved 44 subjects aged 60 and over. So, they took 20mg of Bacillus subtilis for ten days per month for four months during winter. Further, results showed:

  • firstly, a significant increase (vs placebo) in IgA concentrations in the respiratory and intestinal mucosa (saliva and stools);
  • secondly, a significant decrease (-38%) in the number of days with infectious episodes and reduced likelihood of reporting infectious incidents.

Because of these factors, we recommend using probiotic bacteria Bacillus subtilis freely by adults. Especially older individuals whose immune systems are under particular stress and who may need a boost as winter approaches can take it. 
Besides, people can take this supplement in conjunction with vitamin D3, vitamin C and zinc. In short, all of those have recognised immunostimulant properties.

Composition of probiotic Bacillus subtilis

Daily dose: 1 capsule
Number of doses per pack: 60
Amount per dose
LifeinU™ Bacillus subtilis CU160 mg (3.109CFU)
Other ingredients: Acacia gum, white rice bran. 
Probisis®, Lesaffre, France.

Directions for use

Adults. Take one capsule a day. 
Keep refrigerated.