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Half leg + Hollywood or Brazilian + Under arm waxing
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Half leg + Hollywood or Brazilian + Under arm waxing

Half leg + Hollywood or Brazilian + Underarm waxing is complete hair removal. The woman herself chooses the option of waxing in the bikini zone whether Hollywood or Brazilian. It depends on her wishes and on what swimsuit she wears. If you wear a classic swimsuit or a swimsuit with panties, shorts, then you will most likely have enough hair removal outside the contours of swimwear or underwear, with the result that a triangle of hair remains in front. It is less painful and easy to do.
Brazilian and Hollywood waxing suggest a more radical hair removal, which is the right solution for very open swimsuits, especially for wearing thong panties. What is the distinction between these types of waxing?
  • Brazilian removes all pubic and buttock hair. However, there is a variation in which a very narrow strip of hair is left in front. But often, the term Brazilian waxing refers to complete hair removal below the waist, although this is not the case sometimes.
  • Hollywood waxing is when all hair is removed from the front and back, and there can be no two readings. Therefore, if you ask Hollywood waxing to be done in a salon, it would mean the complete removal of all hair on the genitals.

Waxing hair removal using natural Brazilian hot beeswax in the clinic is the best solution

DIY is very difficult, as it is inconvenient and you can compile problems, irritation and pain. Waxing helps to maintain the beauty of the body, make your appearance attractive in a bathing suit or in underwear and become more desirable for men.
Half leg + Hollywood or Brazilian + Underarm waxing in London is a favourite, quick and comfortable procedure giving a relatively long-lasting effect to enjoy up to 3 weeks. It is quite difficult to remove the hair in the bikini area thoroughly as DIY. Therefore, it is better to contact the high-class specialists in our clinic, if you dream of Hollywood waxing. In this case, you should be ready for such an intimate procedure, as the therapist will have to touch the perineum, buttocks and the inner surface of the thighs.
Pleasant atmosphere, polite staff, professional therapist, responsibility for the quality of the services provided are distinctive features of our service. Besides, the convenience of location, online booking. Call us for a consultation and arrange an appointment at a convenient time for you.


A manicurist who began her work experience in Brazil, in the best and highly competitive beauty salons in Sao Paulo, she moved to London in 2012, where she quickly became appreciated for her excellent manicure and acquired a vast clientele which has remained faithful to her. As a waxing therapist Rose is versatile and can work both with hot wax as well as with the strip variety.

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